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Some insight from the Vedas – by AZ: In my early to mid twenties I spent considerable time studying scriptures and their exegeses (and the most fundamental of the theological works) of world’s major religions. Now, some thirty years later, enjoying the fairways on the back-nine of
معاف کرنا اماں ، ایک دن کی تاخیر ہوئی – از حیدر جاوید سید:
Is The Internet Stealing your Life? – AZ:   In the midst of our hectic lives these days, all of us need to seek and cultivate calm. Several years ago I realised what a nuisance television has become in our lives and how keeping TV on in
کمٹمنٹ – از عامر حسینی: وہ بیس سال بعد اس شہر میں آیا تھا اور میرے پاس فیصل کا فون آیا کہنے لگا یار کل تم جو ادبی نشست رکھنے جارہے ہو ، اس کا مہمان احمد کو بنالو ، وہ بہت سالوں بعد
World Environment Day: saving small islands – by Haroon Mustafa Janjua:     Despite extreme weather conditions and unpredictable rains resulting in floods and disasters, the state showed that it still remains visionless over such an important issue by cutting down the budget for environmental action World Environment Day is celebrated
Education and Human Life – by AZ:   All of us are here to serve a cause which is greater than us. Our own existence becomes significant only when we become aware of our reliance on others from the early development of our personality brought about
Man’s Experience of God – by AZ: How do we discuss man’s experience of God? To begin with, I think of a man sitting in Hawaii by the shore of Pacific Ocean. He wants to know what Pacific Ocean is all about. And he has a
گیبریل گارشیا مارکیز- وہ جو بیچتے تھے دوائے در دل – از عامر حسینی: گبرئیل گارشیا مارکیز 82 سال کی عمر میں کولمبیا کے دارالحکومت میکسیکو میں انتقال کرگئے اور اس طرح سے دنیائے ادب میں کہانیوں اور ناولوں میں جادوئی حقیقت نگاری کا فن اپنے عروج پر اور پوری مہارت کے ساتھ
The Wonder of Bipolar Human Growth – by AZ: It is interesting to see how our basic biological or psychological needs are linked up with the implementation of Nature’s overall plans to maintain life of mankind in general. Thus we can regard all human evolution as bipolar because
Addressing a Question About Human Evolution – By A.Z: A friend sent me the below picture seeking my views. While the question is quite unscientific and I avoid ‘nontechnical’ discussions in most matters, particularly science, I find it apt to comment on this to address the doubts it
Floods and humanitarian medicine — by Dr Mohammad Taqi: “Bani Adam aaza’ e yak o deegarand, Keh der aafreenesh ze yak gauharand. Choon uzvi ba dard aaward rozgar, Digar uzvha ra na manand qarar. Tu keh az mehnat-e-deegran beghami, Nashayad keh naamet nahad aadmi.” (Human beings are members