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The inner tragedies of feudal life: A response to Bina Shah – by Ayesha Siddiqa:   A few days ago I chanced upon some writings of Bina Shah explaining the intricacies of feudalism. Her key point was that people must separate the wheat from the chaff  – the feudal system is not as bad
Freedom: what freedom and for whom? – by Waseem Altaf: The derogatory term and its connotations, still in use by some; Hindu “baniya” does not in any way reflect the reality. The Hindu shopkeeper or businessman, mostly in charge of business and trade in this part of the sub-continent
Cyniacal About PTI’s Change – by Mirza Moiz Baig: The word change is probably the most over used word in our country. From politicians and journalists to imported Maulvis, there would hardly be a person who shies away from their use of this word. The person who tops
In support of Comrade Gulam Rasool Sehto, Anna Hazare of Sindh: ISLAMABAD: Veteran peasant leader Comrade Ghulam Rasool Sehto’s hunger strike has completed 100 days but Pakistan government, Sindh government, political parties (PPP, MQM, ANP, PML-N etc) and judiciary seem unmoved. Comrade Sehto is head of Sindh Hari Committee (SHC)
Our expats: The Pakistanis living abroad, Part 2 – by Fawad Manzoor: In the original article( click here) I wrote about the negative contributions of our Ex-Pats with few positive ones. I was expecting the editor will hesitate in posting the article but I am glad he posted. I am also surprised that I