Our expats: The Pakistanis living abroad, Part 2 – by Fawad Manzoor

In the original article( click here) I wrote about the negative contributions of our Ex-Pats with few positive ones. I was expecting the editor will hesitate in posting the article but I am glad he posted. I am also surprised that I haven’t received any bashing from anybody neither there was any compliment so I have taken liberty in going further into the details of how to recognize an Ex-Pat. I am elaborating some of the traits of Ex-Pats. My last article and this current one has also been in discussion on my group few months back and its contents have been taken from that discussion. I received criticism from some but overall people replied positively.
Also to remind my friends this criticism and these traits are also pointed towards my self too as I have spent long time in US. This is from my own personal experience and discussions with my other friends living in US & Pakistan.
Some traits of Expats

Expats are from different world they can be recognized from miles away. Some ways to recognize them ;
the guy is expat or belongs to expat family or is influenced by them is when you see his trouser hanging down his buttock showing his black or red underwear half way through his crack or with weirdest possible haircut.
The young girls who can be recognized in this category are who have tight body hugging jeans on their larger than normal rear end and a thin shirt on top again showing their bras even to their colour. They are all dripping wet in their sweat and all swearing at the hot weather and how dusty this country is.
Expat or Expat influenced kids or youngsters from Europe is found with crew cuts and thick gold ornaments in their ears and necks and some other weird places.
Their attitude is far more feudalistic in nature than the feudals that are already destroying Pakistan.  (Not defending feudal in Pakistan).
They look down on common people like they are less than scum, they speak with the weirdest accent they can find and demeaning talk with the common people is shameful.
Their hooliganism in Pak streets is far more than what you will find from locals.
Their actions towards Pakistanis is what has been done to them in those countries as 2nd or 3rd grade citizen.
These expats have larger landholdings in Pakistan than the yester year feudal. New breed of feudal are expats or retired army generals.

They feel like they have landed from sky and if they can talk in English, it is God’s gift from heaven to them.

Professional expats on their every visit to Pakistan try to get rid of their guilt by going to their home village and spending few thousand dollars by making NGO’s.

We Pakistanis are fools, we don’t know how to live our lives, we dont know how to behave or help our society or country but my expat brothers if we don’t know then the question is what have you done to help this country.

You have sent us people like Moeen Qureshi, Shaukat Aziz, current finance minister and many who came before him. They were all foreign educated liberal minded people. Most of the current bureaucracy is foreign educated, law enforcement has many US or European educated people. My Question is what have they done.

We can all blame politician because he is easy target but it is tough (Need balls) for media or anybody to talk about the bureaucracy and what army has done to this country.

Everybody loves to join the bandwagon. Self proclaimed angels of today’s society are media and judiciary whereas these are the two which destroyed the country.

All Expats talk about Musharraf, remember the days when he was received by you guys with open arms and look now what have you guys done did you hold any demos in the UK to make him leave or did any one of you tried to approach the UK government to expel him. He gets paid millions in US for speaking fees. Wonder who are the dumb f…ks who pay to listen to this idiot. I havent seen any demo anywhere in US for what he did to Pakistan. Answer is “no”.

We have coordinators of all the parties US & Europe, just to issue some statement which doesn’t even find space on their daily newspapers and just keeps doing the rounds of some email groups. Wake up guys look how Jews are organized and how they have helped their country. Jews and Israelis are bigger terrorist and extremist and threat to the world peace but you never hear about them any where.

When was it that expats took any concrete steps to help the country. With all the blabbering expats you couldnt organize yourself to even build a single university in this country. Doctors of Pak decent in US have taken each other to courts to contests their elections, are they the one to give us lectures. People like Faisal Shehzad did he get education from any Madressa in Pakistan. WAKE UP he got educated by US liberal universities and lived amongst you guys. Why dont you guys speak up on their media. Where are the local Islamic Organizations who can go on local media and try explaining to them. You guys are scared to be kicked out so cant defend your country and religion. You Guys Fu..ed up and now you clean it up.

Guys all I can say about expats “It is all sizzle no steak”. Most of you have brought our heads down.


It is not my lecture to you but advise to you all. You are not Islamic scholars who went to spread religion there. You couldn’t get a job of your desire in Pakistan, you are there to earn dollars & pounds so do that or come back don’t destroy their country. What they are doing to Pakistanis, they are very well justified in protecting their country from thugs and terrorists.

Request : No Fatwas from some Weird kind of Islamic Center in some voo doo red neck town in US or some Scandinavian countries.



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