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Overland to Syria: BBC documentary presents pro-Al Qaeda Wahhabi bigots Majid Freeman and Kasim Kas Jameel as humanitarian workers: Related post: Media is hiding that Dr Abbas Khan, the British Wahhabi doctor who illegally travelled to Syria, was suicidal BBC documentary “Overland to Syria” features dangerous British-based pro-AlQaeda Wahhabi-Salafi bigots as philanthropists. – There is evidence that
British Secular Muslims appreciate Nick Griffin’s distinction between Wahhabi Deobandi terrorists and moderate Muslims: Source: BSM Mr. Nick Griffin, head of British National Party and Member of European Parliament, is correct in his assessment of the threat of terrorism that Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi and Deobandi terrorists pose not only to Christians, Jews, Hindus and
British Secular Muslims reject Mehdi Hasan’s obfuscation of Wahhabi Deobandi terrorism: Source: BSM British Secular Muslims reject apologist and obfuscating stance of British journalist Mehdi Hasan on global terrorism by Wahhabi Deobandi Islamists. Mehdi Hasan is a presenter of Al Jazeera Television and a political editor of UK version of
British Secular Muslims condemn stabbing of a police officer and 3 Sunni Muslims by Somali Wahhabi extremist in Birmingham: British Secular Muslims condemn the Saudi Wahhabi brainwashed Somali man who stabbed four including a police officer at a Sunni mosque in Birmingham. According to media reports, a Somali Wahhabi extremist stabbed a police man and three Pakistan-origin Sunni
British Secular Muslims welcome BNP leader Nick Griffin’s remarks about Saudi-UK sponsored Salafi Wahhabi terrorists in Syria: A 17 member EU delegation invited by President Assad visited the Syrian capital Damascus to discuss the impact of the Saudi-sponsored Jihadist war for ordinary people. According to Nick Griffin of British National Party, Member of European Parliament, UK
British Secular Muslims welcome ban on hate preacher Zakir Naik: Related article: Zakir Naik: Muslim preacher of hate – by David Leppard The majority of Pakistani, Indian and other Muslims living in the UK have welcomed the UK government’s ban on hate preacher Dr Zakir Naik’s entry to the