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‘I don’t have a job, so I paint the walls’:   All over the world print and electronic media is used for advertising, and in today’s modern world social media is also playing an increasingly important role in promoting ad campaigns. However, in our corner of the world,there exists
صادقین کی اماں کی تصویر – حکیم فاروق سومرو: صادقین کا عشق برش اور رنگوں سے کچھ یوں تھا کہ خواہ وہ کھانے کا وقفہ ہو یا دو گھڑی کسی سے بات کرنے میں انتظار طلب ہو جاتا تو ہاتھوں کی بے چینی ان کو چین سے بیٹھنے
A history interrupted: ‘The 70s – Pakistan’s radioactive decade’:   The 1970s began with the bloody loss of East Pakistan and ended in a military coup and the imposition of martial law. Yet, it generated a vibrant cultural era. With a booming television and film industry, flourishing tourism,
Death anniversary of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan being celebrated today (August 16):     Lahore, Pakistan: Death anniversary of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan being celebrated today (August 16). Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan died on August 1997 due to kidney failure and an era of Qawwali and mystic music was buried with
Resilence of Shia Hazara artist Khadim Ali in response to genocide at the hands of Deobandi Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ) terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan: Shia Hazara artist has made the journey from a home in exile in Pakistan to one of Australia’s top galleries. Khadim Ali casts a protective eye over his mother, Amina, in a house in Sydney’s western suburbs, where his family
American Empire takes over American Republic—-By Shiraz Paracha: Warmongers in the Empire of America are preparing for their ‘Pakistan Adventure’ as helpless but peace loving citizens of the Republic of America watch with horror how a very powerful group of people and institutions is pursuing a murderous agenda in the