9/11 and Saudi Connection Archive

US Government’s “Protection” of Al-Qaeda Terrorists and the US-Saudi “Black Hole” – by Prof Peter Dale Scott:   For almost two centuries American government, though always imperfect, was also a model for the world of limited government, having evolved a system of restraints on executive power through its constitutional arrangement of checks and balances. Since 9/11
Names and pictures of Wahhabi and Deobandi terrorists responsible for global terrorism since 9/11: Related posts: Deobandi and Wahhabi radicalism is a larger issue than terrorism – by Ayesha Siddiqa Pakistan’s Most Wanted Terrorists: Leaders, inciters and executioners تکفیری دہشت گردی یا سنی شیعہ فرقہ واریت؟ میڈیا جھوٹ کیوں بول رہا ہے؟ Who
Doctrine of armed jihad or doctrine of Saudi Wahhabi caliphate?: Related posts:  Woolwich: Muslim reaction, Saudi connection and inept state -by Ale Natiq Woolwich Beheading: Educating the West about the Wahhabi brand of terror – by Rusty Walker While the world is being wrecked by terrorist acts of Wahhabi-Deobandi
Saudi-sponsored Wahhabi-Deobandi terrorists from Chechnya chief suspects in Boston bombing: Related posts: Boston bombing suspect ordered deported after Obama meets with Saudi minister http://fb.me/2sA8K9kAf Exposed: Links between Deobandi militants of Sipah Sahaba Pakistan and Uzbek militants It has unfortunately become clear that two Chechan Salafi-Wahabi Muslims are the prime
Saudi funding and radicalization (Wahhabisation) in N. America and Europe: It has been proven beyond a shadow of doubt the a vast majority of terrorists acts in the world can be attributed to Wahhabi Salfists terrorists, in Pakistan they are called Takfiri Deobandis. Not all Wahhabis/Salafis are terrorists but the data
Saudi petro-dollars, Western intelligentsia and #ShiaGenocide in Pakistan – by Nadeem F. Paracha: After thousands of Pakistanis turned up at the many sit-ins that took place across the country to protest against the brutal terrorist attack on the men, women and children of the Hazara Shia community in Quetta, something unprecedented emerged.
Saudi Arabia paying UK trained terrorists up to $3,000/Month for jihad against Syria – by Alexander Higgins: Exclusive rebel interviews detailing Saudi Arabia’s Salafi Jihad operations reveal details Uncle Sam doesn’t want you to know and the media won’t tell you. First hand accounts of rebel operations reveal Saudi Arabia is funding terrorists recruited from Salafi
Sleeping with the Enemy: US Partnership with Saudi-Wahhabis – by Rusty Walker: If I may ask the reader, would you conduct business with a country where Human Rights Watch list multiple egregious acts against its own society? HRW, travelers and oppressed citizens there (using fake identity or risk imprisonment) confirm the
Why no outcry on torturing tyrants of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia? – by Robert Fisk: Related articles: LUBP Archive on Bahrain Why no outcry over these torturing tyrants? Christopher Hill, a former US secretary of state for east Asia who was ambassador to Iraq – and usually a very obedient and un-eloquent American diplomat
Saudi Arabia is ‘biggest funder of terrorists’ – by Rob Hastings: Saudi Arabia is the single biggest contributor to the funding of Islamic extremism and is unwilling to cut off the money supply, according to a leaked note from Hillary Clinton. The US Secretary of State says in a secret
Mosque at Ground Zero: Saudi wins America loses- by Imtiaz Baloch: The New York City Landmarks Commission unanimously allowed for the demolition of the Italianate building of 1857, near where the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers stood, and paves the way for the construction of the Cordoba House, a Mosque
Osama introduced Nawaz Sharif to Saudi royals: ex-ISI chief: Osama introduced Nawaz Sharif to Saudi royals: ex-ISI chief LAHORE: Osama Bin Laden introduced Nawaz Sharif to the Saudi royal