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Dr. Safdar Mehmood (PhD by fraud)’s usual pack of lies about Iqbal and Jinnah: ‘It was Iqbal who, through his letters, convinced Quaid e Azam to come back to India to lead Muslim League.’ The proof given for that is Iqbal’s letters to Jinnah. As many other myths this is not only untrue
Ahamadiya Issue – by Zulfiqar Ali: On September 7, 1974, second amendment to constitution of Pakistan was passed. It declared Ahamadis as Non-Muslims. No doubt it was a huge mistake. However there are some reasons behind that. Some are facts, some my interpretations. I am
Mr. Kleen Klasra! Here you go again: Few days ago, Klasra SiaN wrote how Prez is taking away the gifts. Then there was something about Kleen Klasra I wrote and tagged him (please see the note). In his latest column (Sept 5) Klasra SiaN laments that
جواب حاظر ہے خوشنود صاحب: چند روز پہلے خوشنود علی خان نے دیسی بابا یعنی ہارون رشید کی ٹھیک ٹھاک قسم کی کلاسس لی اسی کالم کے جواب میں جواب غزل حاضر ہے ‘ہے جو کوئی جھوٹ کو جھوٹ کہے ‘  صدیاں ہوئیں عرب
نا تمام اور تمام – by Zulfiqar Ali:  
Dialogue with Taliban – by Zulfiqar Ali:
Mr. Bean Graduates – by Zulfiqar Ali: It is real news to me that ECP can commit such a blunder by asking leader of the opposition to submit his certificate of FA or its equivalents. How can a leader of such high profile not have genuine
Death for Death: Letter to PM Manmohan Singh – by Zulfiqar Ali: Dear Dr. Singh I remember one of your interviews with Charlie Rose. To one of the questions you answered, “Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come”. I thought I was listening to a philosopher king. I