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Sectarian Strife Paralyzes Life in Pakistan’s Kurram Tribal Agency:: By Imtiaz Ali Pakistan’s Kurram Tribal Agency has been at the center of sectarian Shiite-Sunni conflict for decades. The area witnessed bloody clashes between the two rival sects of Islam long before the arrival of the Taliban phenomenon and
The failure of Army in eliminating Al-Qaeda and Taliban from Pakistan’s tribal areas.: A sting in Pakistan’s al-Qaeda missionBy Syed Saleem Shahzad Asia Times KARACHI – The Pakistani military has halted operations in Bajaur Agency in the northwest of the country, saying “the back has been broken” of the militancy there. A
Parachinar Massacre of Innocent Shias and Sunnis: Designed and Implemented by Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Sipah-e-Sahaba: Parachinar Massacre Warning: Graphic Images By: Ali Imran (July 2008) So I was waiting for months (considering this has been going on for months now) to see if someone will start a thread on this issue or not as
Taliban leader killed by SAS was Pakistan officer, report by Christina Lamb: From The Sunday TimesOctober 12, 2008Taliban leader killed by SAS was Pakistan officerChristina Lamb in Kabul British officials covered up evidence that a Taliban commander killed by special forces in Helmand last year was in fact a Pakistani military
Terrorists (Taliban, Sipah Sahaba, rogue elements) destroy two more grils schools in Swat: Extremists belonging to the Taliban and Sipah Sahaba, supported by rogue elements in ISI, destroyed two more girls schools in Swat. The notorious Taliban supporter Imran Khan still considers the extremist activities to be a part of government’s
Militant activity in the tribal belt: As long as militant activity in the tribal belt was directed outwards, it never attracted our attention. And when these militants turned inwards, we were caught napping. Harmonising interests Talat Masood …………..The result is our security forces turning a
Who is supporting the Taliban’s imposed blockade of the innocent people of Parachinar.: Please watch the following two programs on Parachinar and Kurram Agency. The people in Parachinar are desperately begging the Pakistan Government to send its security forces to save them from the genocide they face at the hands of Taliban
Did the State support Lashkar-i-Jhangavi and Sipah Sahaba in killing Shias in Pakistan: Usman30-08-2007, 11:40 PM During his student years, when Mufti Taqi Uthmani sahib got to know that Izhahul Haq Jhangvi was coming to meet him at his house, Mufti sahib used to open the door without even wearing his
Taliban Besiege Pakistani Shiites in Parachinar: The New York Times Report PESHAWAR, Pakistan — It was once known as the Parrot’s Beak, a strategic jut of Pakistan that the American-backed mujahedeen used to carry out raids on the Russians just over the border into Afghanistan.
State supporting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in the siege of Parachinar: There is ample evidence that certain pro-Taliban elements in the State of Pakistan are supporting the siege of innocent people of Parachinar by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists. The Shia and Sunni population of Parachinar is being punished because
Who is protecting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists in FATA: This TV report suggests that instead of hunting down and killing the Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists in Pakistan’s tribal areas, Pakistan Army has been unable to avoid the the collateral (i.e. innocent civilians) while
ISI in question: Some comments by ordinary Pakistani citizens: By Jamshed Khan: The problem in Baluchistan, FATA and Swat is very simple. Pakistan is ruled by ISI and Military. 95 % of the Army is Punjabi and the rest urdu speakers MQM. Punjab elites and ISI has colonized
Reshuffle in the army – they have political overtones, especially when the ISI — some foreign powers’ bugbear — gets a new chief: BARRING changes at the very top, normal transfers and promotions in armies do not make news in democratic countries. In Pakistan, given its history, reshuffles in the army command make news because they have political overtones, especially when the