Terrorists (Taliban, Sipah Sahaba, rogue elements) destroy two more grils schools in Swat

Extremists belonging to the Taliban and Sipah Sahaba, supported by rogue elements in ISI, destroyed two more girls schools in Swat.


The notorious Taliban supporter Imran Khan still considers the extremist activities to be a part of government’s propaganda.


Jamshed Khan:

Two days ago Talibans at 11 am in broad day light set ablaze SWAT Excellier college along with a girls school which was set up by christian missionary in 1960. They destroyed it and were doing so for 2 hours alomost 1 km away from main city of Mingora. The Army was watching from the top hills and then the masked Talibans left with no resistance whatsoever.

On the other hand the army shells the villages and once village called Koza Bandai 7 km from Mingora was vacated by Army and then shelled and PAF jest bombarded for 17 days. Then the army entered and looted the houses and destroyed the houses. After Eid the same Talibans have entered that village and is now under the control of these masked Talibans.

What does this tell you. Talibans are brothers of Pakistan Army. I fail to understand what the hell is going on. People are clueless too….