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Who are you against Israel or Palestine?: First off, I want to start by addressing Shaherbano’s comment on Muslims being the oppressors for 1500 years. Although there are a lot of examples of “Muslim” kings doing genocide against their own people, it doesn’t mean that all
Response to posts about Ayatullah Ali Khamenei’s tweet: There have been some posts on LUBP criticizing Ali Khamenei’s tweet: “Today a number of ppl commit crimes against #Shias in the name of #Takfiri, but they’re not the main enemies. Everyone should be aware!” This tweet was criticized
Dutch spy service: Deoabandi and Salafi radicals becoming elusive swarm: Escritt in the DailyStar talks about Western homegrown terrorism in his article in The Daily Star. Media outlets continue to fail to address the real core of this issue, the ideology of terrorism and where it actually stems from. The
The Saudi Minister of Human Rights is ironically a genocidal maniac: The Saudi Minister of Human Rights is a bigot. He is also someone who wants the world to be rid of Shia’s, Jews and Christians. There are churches that are being burnt down in Iraq by the Saudi funded
Iraq government slams Saudi Arabia for creating false Sunni-Shia sectarian tensions and enabling Salafi-led genocide in Iraq:   Baghdad slams Saudi Arabia for ‘encouraging genocide’ in Iraq The Iraqi government says that it holds Saudi Arabia “responsible” for the current crisis and has blamed Riyadh for encouraging “genocide” in the country through the backing of Sunni
Nouri al-Maliki, the scapegoat in Iraq: It’s entertaining and educating how Iraq’s elected Prime Minister Norui al-Maliki is being spoken of as a sectarian tinpot dictator “installed” by Americans and Iranians in Iraq, being held responsible for the entire mess the country is currently facing
Trita Parsi’s Iran and Israel: Geo strategic allies?: The conflict between Iran and Israel is thought of as being one of those unsolvable Middle Eastern conflicts that dates back to days of Isaac and Ismael. However, in the case of Iran and Israel, nothing can be further