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Woolwich Beheading: Educating the West about the Wahhabi brand of terror – by Rusty Walker: Photo: Proof of Salafist connections to terrorists are often missed, as the press use generic terms like, “Jihadist.” The Wahhabi connection is more evident in this photo of Anjem Choudary, British-based Wahhabi-Deobandi hate preacher, pictured with the Woolwich terrorist
On U.S. approach to Syria: Enemies of your enemies are not necessarily your friends – by Rusty Walker:  A video shows the Syrian rebel Abu Sakkar, taking a bite from the heart of a dead soldier. This act is a violation of the laws of international war and has been widely condemned. The main Syrian opposition coalition
Stop the Wahhabi Deobandi hate to prevent Boston type attacks – by Rusty Walker: In the U.S we have become insulated against uncomfortable truths in the effort to be politically correct. We want so badly to not appear Islamophobic, that the Islamofascist have free reign in this country.  The Chechens involved in the
Saudi funding and radicalization (Wahhabisation) in N. America and Europe: It has been proven beyond a shadow of doubt the a vast majority of terrorists acts in the world can be attributed to Wahhabi Salfists terrorists, in Pakistan they are called Takfiri Deobandis. Not all Wahhabis/Salafis are terrorists but the data
Turkish Airline flying Wahhabi and Deobandi militants of Al-Qaeda from Pakistan to Syrian borders: Related post: Takfiri militants from Pakistan are fighting in Syria with an anti-Semitic cause – by Kapil Komireddi By acting as a willing accomplice in global Saudi Salafi Jihadist project, Turkey is digging its own grave. Turkey in 2012
Quilliam and other analysts are downplaying Saudi-funded Salafists’ role in US Ambassador’s murder in Libya: Related post: How should Muslims respond to the hateful movie “Innocence of Muslims”? – by Mahdi Baloch Imagine if that had happened in Syria, or with a visiting US diplomat to Iran, Pentagon-based revenge already would be in effect
Saudi Arabia invades Bahrain to crush pro-democracy protesters: Related articles: The Shia genocide in Bahrain shows Islam’s replacement by Wahhabism – by Omar Khattab Saudi Arabia’s military intervention in Bahrain is a slap in the face of the United States – by Jean-Francois Seznec LUBP Archive on
An open letter to President Obama: People of Bahrain need your help: Related articles: LUBP Archive on Bahrain An open letter to President Obama: If there is any country where the USA can install democracy without a single bullet fired, it is Bahrain Dear Mr. President, In one of your recent