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خوشا ! حمید گل بولے ۔ از وجاہت مسعود: خوشا ! حمید گل بولے… تیشۂ نظر سبحان اللہ! خیال کی بلندی دیکھئے ، لہجے کا بانکپن ملاحظہ ہو، فراست کا نمونہ کہیے، تدبیر کی ندرت کہیے… زیب دیتا ہے اسے، جس قدر اچھا کہیے۔ لیفٹنٹ جنرل (ریٹائرڈ) حمید
Some thoughts on General Kayani’s Islam, Pakistan statement – by Abbas Nasir and Wajahat Masood: REGARDLESS of its success, for several years the army saw the defence of the country’s territorial integrity as its primary job and didn’t see itself as the guardian of its ‘ideology’. Even then a succession of military leaders demonstrated
چمچے، خوشامدی اور انتخابات کا موسم: تحریر: وجاہت مسعود لاہور کی مال روڈ سے درخت کٹے تو ناصر کاظمی بہت دِن اْداس رہا۔ اورینٹل کالج میں عبادت بریلوی سے ملاقات ہوتی یا ٹی ہاوٴس میں انتظار صاحب سے مکالمہ، یہی قصہ چلتا رہتا۔ سڑک تو
National media conference – by Arshad Mahmood: National Media Conference: The two-day of media conference entitled “Pakistan Media: Present and Future” arranged by Individualland(IL) in collaboration with Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit (FNF), drew a large number of journalists from all parts of the country including a
Blasphemy, Asia Bibi and cheap religious emotionalism – by Wajahat Masood:
Democracy neither is a snake, Constitution nor a stick – by Wajahat Masood:
Viewpoint Interview with Wajahat Masood: Mullah-military nexus has subverted public opinion: Al-Qaeda, Taliban, jihadis, sectarian groups, and so-called parliamentary Islamic groups have a global agenda and as such are natural allies. Pakistan’s religious/missionary parties and the Taliban constitute “an archipelago of evil”, says Wajahat Massod. Presently working as Editor Coordination