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Response to Allegations by Express TV – Dr. Taimur Rahman: A number of accusations have been made against me on Express TV by the anchor Ahmed Quraishi. I would like to put on record that these accusations are completely false and constitute incitement to violence, hate speech, slander, and
Pindi out of bounds? Mama Qadeer’s march in imminent danger – by Dr Taimur Rahman: Mama Qadeer has informed us that he has received a very serious threatening phone call from an unknown number. The person on the other end has stated categorically that a decision has been taken that the march (for Baloch
On correctly identifying the murders of Shia Muslims and other persecuted communities – by Dr. Taimur Rahman: Some friends ask us, why is it important for you to emphasise the religious identify of the persecuted or/and minority communities that are attacked by terrorists. For instance, why do you write 10 Shias were killed, 12 Christians were
Help Laal make a video for Baluchistan – by Laal Admins: Laal has always tried to be a voice of voiceless and has always strived to speak for the oppressed masses without any fear of opposition or isolation. Earlier this year, we released a video on Faiz’s poem, “Na Honay
Root out Lashkar-e-Jhangvi LeJ as a whole – by Dr. Taimur Rahman (Laal Band): Related post: Who are Takfiri terrorists of LeJ-ASWJ? It is not enough to launch an operation against the individual perpetrators of the Quetta bombings, it must root out the entire Lashkar e Jhangvi from Pakistan. And those captured must
The Internet is to Socialism what the Gutenberg Press was to the Reformation -by Dr. Taimur Rahman: “You cannot bring about a change through the internet because it is a bourgeois medium that only reaches the elite.” This standard argument seems to have clouded the judgment of so many well-meaning activists that they have failed to