Help Laal make a video for Baluchistan – by Laal Admins

baluchistanLaal has always tried to be a voice of voiceless and has always strived to speak for the oppressed masses without any fear of opposition or isolation. Earlier this year, we released a video on Faiz’s poem, “Na Honay Pai”, as not only a tribute to Shahbag Movement (Bangladesh) but also to highlight the uncomfortable, unspoken truth of our past so that historical mistakes could be acknowledged and lessons could be learned. However, as December 16 (the day of fall of Dhaka) approaches, we cannot but see the same blunders continuously being committed in Balochistan.
Baloch, too, have been long oppressed. They have been denied their human rights, their voices have been suppressed and their legitimate demands have been refused. They have been facing several adversaries like military operations, forced disappearances, dumping of dead bodies, economic negligence and devastation from earth quake etc. We, therefore, believe that it is incumbent upon us to raise our voice for the Baloch masses and highlight the predicaments faced by them.
Laal has therefore composed a song on Faiz’s another poem, “Maata-e-loh-o-qalam chin gayi to kya ghum hai”, and has decided to make a montage video whose sole purpose will be to use pictures and clips related to the issues faced by the Baloch including (but not limited to) missing persons cases, atrocities committed by state, destruction caused by earthquake and poor social services like education, health etc.
Therefore, we invite our fans, friends, comrades and activists for the rights of Baloch to send us pictures and clips that we can use in Laal’s next video. Following guideline should be followed in this regard:

1. Pictures and videos must be of high quality (480p for clips and at least 600×600 for pictures).
2. They must be emotionally expressive and self-explanatory in regards to the issues faced by the Baloch.
3. They must be as clean as possible i-e having minimum or preferably no writing or watermark etc. on them.
4. They can also be sent in the form of a download link or a link to picture/video sharing website.
5. Images and videos must not contradict any copyright laws.

Suggestions are welcomed too. We thank all for the help and support. Please upload or inbox to: