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Pakistan pre-election survey puts PPP at top, ahead of right-wing parties – by Ada Khakwani: Note: Despite numerous terrorist attacks and vicious propaganda by affiliates and apologists of Takfiri Deobandi militants (Taliban, ASWJ, JI, DPC etc) and conspiracies by pro-establishment fake liberals, Pakistan Peoples Party remains the only hope of majority of progressive and
Survey on Shia Muslims’ persecution in Pakistan: Dear editors: I will appreciate if you could publish this survey on your web site and encourage Shia respondents to fill in all relevant sections. The survey is aimed at Pakistani Shias only, and seeks to assess the impact
LUBP Poll: Nishan-e-Jhangvi 2012: Please vote for Nishan-e-Jhangvi 2012 by participating in the following survey. [poll id=”11″] We invite all Pakistani citizens and those foreign citizens who are interested in Pakistani politics or/and Shia genocide to participate in the Nishan-e-Jhangvi (NJ) 2012 Poll.
“Taliban stopped attacking civilians” – Najam Sethi interprets Pew Survey: Being a regular viewer of Najam Sethi’s late night show on Geo TV (Jang Group), sometimes I am bemused by his selective pick and choose of topics and the way he interprets several issues. There are many occasions when
An open letter to LUBP – by Salma Jafar:         Dear LUBP editors, Just a few thoughts for what they are worth. Although I am not a part of LUBP team and you have every right to define the parameters of your debate and LUBP
An unethical survey on FATA — by Farhat Taj: The people of FATA perceive state collusion with the Taliban. They want the termination of this collusion before the military operations. Until then, they are comfortable with the drone strikes on militant positions Recently, a survey was conducted by
On opinion survey and President Zardari’s popularity – by Abbas Ather: Here is a critical article by veteran columnist Abbas Ather on the reality of opinion surveys in Pakistan. Source: Express, 20 June 2010
Pakistan survey: Taliban lack sympathy in Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkwa, FATA, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan: ISLAMABAD: A majority of Pakistanis don’t approve of Islamabad’s decision to join the US-led war on terror but, at the same time, they don’t believe that the Taliban are fighting for Islam, according to a survey carried out by
Deconstructing Dr Ijaz Shafi Gilani’s Gallup Pakistan: It is not uncommon to read results of various opinion surveys and polls on political issues and choices in Pakistani (and international) media. What however remains usually hidden is the real motive behind such polls and results. More often
LUBP Visitors Survey: Which political party do you support?: <br /> <a href=””>LUBP Visitors Survey: Which political party do you support?</a><span style=”font-size:9px;”><a href=””>polling</a></span><br />
Survey: PPP Agenda: What should be the Peoples’ Party Agenda? (polls)
President Zardari’s popularity ascends: Survey: Zardari emerges as the most popular personality: Survey ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari has emerged as the most popular personality on the Pakistani political landscape as 51 percent of the people terming President Asif Ali Zardari as the most
The reality of IRI and other opinion surveys: Vested interests in Pakistani and international politics often publish results of various polls and surveys on political issues and opinions. More often than not, instead of representing genuine pubic opinion, such surveys are designed and their results manipulated in
Reality, deception and hidden agenda of opinion polls in Pakistan: Here are two articles (by Afreen Baig and Abbas Athar) on this topic critiquing the validity as well as the hidden agenda of political surveys and polls published in Pakistani and international media. Foreign Polls and Surveys: Reality, Deception
Gallup poll shows the Pakistan Government enjoys domestic support for a crackdown on home-based extremists; public support for crackdown on terrorists: By Khalid Hasan WASHINGTON: A new Gallup poll in Pakistan has shown that the government enjoys domestic support for a crackdown on home-based extremists, with 60 percent of Pakistanis interviewed in October saying the government should take a tougher
19% of Pakistanis have a positive view of Al-Qaeda: BBC Poll: (In our view, most of these terrorist supporters or sympathizers are likely to be voters of right wing (mostly Deobandi) parties in Pakistan, including Jamaat-i-Islami, (defunct) Sipah Sahaba, Pakistan Muslim