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The froth of Imran Khan – by Nadeem Paracha: Related article: Imran Khan will sweep next elections – by Abdul Nishapuri What can one say about Imran Khan? A great former cricketer, a compassionate philanthropist … a sorry excuse for a politician. But his continuing forays into bad
Preparing for Imran Khan’s PTI’s funeral – by Samad Khurram: Preparing for a funeral Imran Khan has made us proud on so many occasions. From the world cup to the first cancer hospital in Pakistan, he has given his all for the
Imran Khan’s PTI vows to follow the Mullah Fazullah militancy model…: Govt. will be accountable if it disrupts long march: CheemaUpdated at: 2325 PST, Friday, February 20, 2009 (The News) LAHORE: Secretary Information Tehrik-e-Insaaf Umar Sarfaraz Cheema said the government will be held responsible if it tried to disrupt long
MQM versus Imran Khan’s PTI: An interesting conversation:
"Lady Taliban" Dr. Shireen Mazari, the latest addition into Imran Khan’s pro-Taliban arsenal….: Farhat Taj writes: Fantasising about FATA Tuesday, February 17, 2009 Farhat Taj In her article on Jan 28 Shireen Mazari argues that the people of FATA support the militants because they see the Pakistani army as fighting America’s war. This is the
Can an honourable Pakhtun do that? Imran Khan, better answer.: Militants kill three women in Swat By Our Correspondent MINGORA: Three women were killed in Swat on Thursday as Taliban continued their attack on people they consider to be pro-government. The militants also blew up two government schools. The
Is Imran Khan ISI’s new choice in Pakistan?: Is Imran Khan the new choice of agencies (ISI) in Pakistan? Is he the man who will be planted to replace the present democratic set up in Pakistan? The following is a collection of some resources and comments on this
Is Imran Khan Pakistan’s Obama – what do ordinary Pakistani citizens think?: dara Says:November 7th, 2008: There are no comparisons between Imran Khan and Obama. Obama comes through a strong struggle in and out of parliament (sent in case of Obama). Obama had to go through election within his party to
Imran Khan admitted to the Fountain House mental hospital . Talibo-phillia and Zardari-phobia diagnosed – "Twisted News Report": In his latest sermon, immediately after returning from his visit to Australia, Imran Khan has advised that instead of foreign tours, President Asif Zardari must try to serve the Pakistani nation. In response to a critical question by a
Imran Khan’s PTI Peshawar leader praises Taliban, calls Baitullah Mehsud as his emir (leader): The cat is out of the bag…Imran Khan is Taliban Khan and his supporters may be seen as would be suicide bombers A few days ago, Baitulla Mehsud, the notorious Taliban terrorist, was garlanded by a local president of
How did Imran Khan react to terrorist attacks on Benazir Bhutto and PPP rallies in Karachi and elsewhere?: Editor’s Note and update on 7 May 2013: LUBP wishes Imran Khan a quick recovery so that he can re-enter the political arena after his accident earlier today (May 7th, 2013).  This was an unfortunate accident as opposed to
Imran Khan, mental hospital and Zardari-phobia – By Abbas Ather: In his column in daily express on 20 June 2008, Abbas Athar suggests that Imran Khan should build a mental hospital. Abbas Ather also suggested the name of a possible first patient, i.e. Imran Khan himself. Imran Khan’s advisors
Imran Khan’s double-tongue in Australia: Terrorists will never attack cricketers because public will just turn against them!: In his recent interview with an Australian News Agency, Imran Khan claimed that cricketers would never be under any threat from terrorists…Terrorists rely on support from the masses because that’s where they get their recruits, and cricket is a