Imran Khan admitted to the Fountain House mental hospital . Talibo-phillia and Zardari-phobia diagnosed – "Twisted News Report"

In his latest sermon, immediately after returning from his visit to Australia, Imran Khan has advised that instead of foreign tours, President Asif Zardari must try to serve the Pakistani nation.

In response to a critical question by a “RAW cum CIA agent”, Imran Khan explained that since he had already sufficiently served the Pakistani nation through his Tehreek-e-Insaf (established at the grassroots level in Pakistan), his Australian tour was intended to serve the Australian nation.

Imran Khan has been immediately taken to The Fountain House, which is is a unique institution in Lahore for the rehabilitation of chronic psychiatric patients. The institution is expected to do whatever it could within its limited resources to treat Imran Khan’s disease known as Talibo-phillia and Zardari-phobia.

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