Is Imran Khan Pakistan’s Obama – what do ordinary Pakistani citizens think?

dara Says:
November 7th, 2008:

There are no comparisons between Imran Khan and Obama.

Obama comes through a strong struggle in and out of parliament (sent in case of Obama).

Obama had to go through election within his party to become a candidate for president race.

Obama has new vision and plan for change.

Imran Khan has no plan no vision and his politics revolves around upper middle class citizens.

He has been using judiciary issue for his political gains, where he himself or his party does not have enough share when it comes to sacrifices.

What is Imran Khan’s change agenda?

Is he ready to change ugly capital economic system of our country, that only supports big businessmen and mafia people?

Is he ready to change ugly social system that has always been there to suppress poor, women and minorities?

He looks like in favor of fundamental so called Islam, that stress upon worships, the way you dress and the way you should look like.

Does Imran has any will to give rights to poor masses who have been treated same way as the blacks were treated in USA.

Munir Solangi Says:
November 7th, 2008

I have a question for Imran Khan lovers.I hope that PTI supporters will answer my question with logic and they will try to convince me,not abuse me.

Imran established PTI in 1996. Many people like Hassan Nisar,Nasim Zehra,Meraj Muhammad Khan and others joined PTI and left within months.Why?

Why we don’t know the names of PTI’s Punjab Chief,Sindh Chief or Baluchistan Chief?How could a one-man party change Pakistan?

Why Imran spend more time outside Pakistan?