MQM versus Imran Khan’s PTI: An interesting conversation


Daily Express, 21 January 2009


Op-ed by Abbas Ather dated 20 June 2008:


tamaaz khan said:

MQM – Killer
MQM – Terrorsist
MQM -Thug

I love the way semi-literate punjoos pull their hair why the most educated city of Pakistan chooses to elect “bhayiya” & “kaalia” from their mohallas, from their class instead of Mians, Chaudhrys, Khwajas, Sardars and Nawabs.

Maybe oneday they will figure it out, but don’t delude yourself that it is all vote rigging. Because if that is the case then that is the same of PPP, PML and IK’s one seat.

Call it thuggery or what you may I rather have the terrorists of the MQM than the Punjabi Mafia, Zardari Mafia, Taliban (including Jammat-e-Naa-Islami & Imran Khan Groupies) controlling my city.

Plus for all you IK groupies, how do you reconcile that all political decisions of IK have been utter crap:

Sharif against Bhutto
Mush against Sharif
Boycott of Elections
Politicisation of Judges Issue
(btw wake up IMC is no longer impartial, thanks IK for all your support and PTI for all your flag waving)

IK is nothing more than pure opposition, he does nothing to bring progress, only to bring others down. UNLESS they are the TALIBAN.

I bet Baitullah Mehsud has killed 10 times as many Pakistanis as Altaf, so where is IK’s missission to have Baitullah put behind bars? OOPS I forgot IK wants to talk to him, the dead of sucide attacks do not need justice.

I wonder why?

tamaaz khan said:


Typical jahalat reasoning:

I like PTI therfore I am right.
I don’t like MQM so I will call them thugs and refuse to aknowledge their work.

What policy of PTI do you support, I mean PTI has no policy its what Imran says on any given day.

Tell me which of these “policies” did you support:

Sharif against Bhutto
Mush against Sharif
Boycott of Elections
Justification of Suicide Bombings
Politicization of Judges Issue

Because of IK idioticy the only CJ that could have stood up against our rulers has ineligible as his impartiality has been compromised.
Thanks Imran!

If the idiot IK does succeed the new trend in Pakistan would be:

@jany khan
You fool the only reason Naimatullah started those projects was ‘coz Mush put 10 billion rupees into karachi development.
Even then that senile old man made underpasses without drainage systems, which became swimming pools in the monsoon. YES THAT WAS NAIMATULLAH!
Which Kamal had to fix BTW.

Do the people who died in the suicide bombings of your taliban freinds not need “INSAF”?
Where is Imran Khans dharna for the 100,000 dead in suicide bombings?

OOPs I forgot IK can justify suicide bombings!

Shirkuh said:

@Tamaaz Khan

I think you to need be more realistic and clear and not try to be over smart. I don’t think I am understanding your foggy and confused post. Give it a try again, and please be a little more precise instead of strong, biased and out of this world statements.

Please start with explaining where IK justifies suicide bombings!

Btw: Are you a MQM supporter? Please don’t start your response by saying that “I am not a MQM supporter, but it is evident that Kamal/MQM are saints and has done this and this project for KHI”.

tamaaz khan said:

“I think you to need be more realistic and clear and not try to be over smart.”

What the hell does that mean? It is not an aswer to my queries, it is not an argument, it is not a point.

Over Smart?
Maybe you are saying that the words I am using are too complicated for you. Maybe if I say “yay IK” / “IK all the way” you will understand better.
Maybe like most PTI supporters you really do not have critical mind to think things through and it only makes sense when “brown- sahib” Imran says something.

Statements are only strong when they are about IK? what about the venom you have spewed about every other party which people actually support.

I support the MQM and I have no qualms about it. I can see tangible benifits to MQM in Karachi, IK is all hot air and bakwass. Please keep your indignation to yourself. We in Karachi are the most educated people in Pakistan are we can decide for ourselves who is better to safeguard our interest. The “kaalia” or “bhaiyya” down the street or IK sitting in his ivory tower.

Are you a PTI supporter? Do you think because IK won the world cup all by himself now he should run Pakistan? Is your brain controlled by Imran and his whimsy? Can you not decide for youself?

Untill and unless IK does not try to understand why people vote for MQM and instead closes his eyes and ears and repeats “ghunda, mafia, rigging” over and over again. He will not get anywhere in Karachi.

If you still do not understand I suggest you move to karachi and enroll in a primary school where you will get a higher level education that you obviously have received till now.

Shirkuh said:

@Tamaaz Khan

“We in Karachi are the most educated people in Pakistan are we can decide for ourselves who is better to safeguard our interest.”

Ha.ha..ha.. Well said. Keep up the “good” MQM work 😉

I must admit that you are “well mannered” and “well educated” (Your post reflects that very clearly) like a true MQM supporter or should I say “gang member”, because you don’t really represent a political party or do you?

I cannot and will not fight against your “intellect”. It is an impossible task – I admit that – but you didn’t answer my simple question. Please tell me where has IK justified suicide bombings?

Btw: The higher level of education didn’t help you 😉 Is there a money back guarantee from the school you suggested?

Kashif said:


IK has justified suside bombings in Jawab Deh

Shirkuh said:


Which Jawab deyh and reference time, please?

Remember there is a difference between justification and explanation! I hope you know the difference 😉

I am waiting!

tamaaz khan said:

Better a “gang-member” of MQM than groupie of Imran Khan!

I’ll answer your question and I hope you answer all my previous questions.

If you watch the eposide of Jawab-Deh with Imran Khan he says “I can undertand sucide bombing in Pakistan” he then goes on to actually justify them.
Maybe you missed this part because you were so busy hero worshipping!

I represent MQM like you represent Imran Khan. Please do not talk about my manners, stick to the topic, or has Imran not told you what to think yet?

Now my questions:

Do the people who died in the suicide bombings of your taliban freinds not need “INSAF”?
So where is IK’s missission to have Baitullah put behind bars like he has done so (commendably) with Altaf?

Where are his principles?

Sharif against Bhutto
Mush against Sharif
Support of Mush’s No PML-PPP elections
Boycott of Elections – after winning a seat under Musharrafs dictatorship selected party election?

If Imran has been so wrong in the past what makes you think he is right now?

How is Iftikhar Chaudhry going to be an unbiased, impartial judge when his backing is obviously political?
(again IK’s infinite wisdom to politicize the issue)

Shirkuh said:


“don’t thnk I was candid but if you think so let me spell it out he LIED.”

Thanks, though it took some time for you to be clear that he LIED!

“That doesn’t mean we can not commend him on his good governance. MQM is terrorist organization so is JI. That doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate any good by these parties.”

Each party can have good and bad policies. That goes for each and every POLITICAL party in Pakistan, but MQM doesn’t fit in a political pattern. They better fit in a fascist/gang pattern. A violent mafia member, who helps a needy person will still be a gangster in spite having done one good deed. In an overall view you will say that the gangster is evil! The same can be said about MQM. They have murdered many people and are well known for collecting bhatta in KHI. It is also a well known fact that Altaf Hussain has openly opposed the creation of Pakistan. MQM murdered lawyers recently (last year) and also political opponents on 12. may 2007.

JI: I don’t like their GHQ friendly policies either and their munafaqat. In fact I am of the view that they can be a potential danger for Pakistan, because of their long track record of GHQ friendly deals in crucial times. Overall speaking I think they have done tremendous damage to Pakistan just like MQM.

Why did PTI go after MQM and not JI?

The only reason why PTI went after MQM is because of what happened on 12. may 2007. Otherwise PTI’s policy was to let them come in to mainstream politics in Pakistan, but MQM has clearly shown us they will not do that and that they will side with anybody (contrary to what they say). They say they are against establishment, but they still collaborate with GHQ and form a government under a dictator led rule. They say they are against landlords/wadeeras, but still they are willing to form government with the landlords/wadeeras. Similarly JI is also a flip-flop party. The only difference is that they don’t flip-flop as regularly as MQM. They have a policy of doing that at more crucial stages. JUI-F made a flip-flop and is no longer a working partner on the lawyers agenda, and my prediction is the same about JI. They will also flip-flop, at a crucial stage and the tiny bond will break with them too. What I hope for is that PML-N stays steadfast towards the lawyers issue and stand tall alongside PTI and help pakistan to get on tracks. We need a new beginning and these two parties (especially) PML-N can be a significant force in that regard. They have the finances and the numbers to make crucial difference. That’s why I hope they will participate in both the long march and dharna.

“BTW I have seen IK here in US he has a different tone when he talks to western media. He never says his fav line here “America ne beara ghurk kar deya” (America has demolished everything). MK is wrong but so are these leaders with double standards.”

There is a difference between what “America” has done in Pakistan and to address ordinary Americans. The first mentioned are the rulers of America and the second type of American is the citizens of USA. IMO there can be a big difference between what the rulers want/do and what the citizens think/want/do/ know about implications of American policies. That is why these two type of Americans need to addressed differently.

“I also think you are JI fan bcaz there is barely any difference in their talking points.”

Lol…Don’t listen to the talk alone! Also see what are the ground realities!

Shirkuh said:

@Tamaaz Khan

“Better a “gang-member” of MQM than groupie of Imran Khan!”

Yes off course, congrats…my “friend” 😉

“I’ll answer your question and I hope you answer all my previous questions.

If you watch the eposide of Jawab-Deh with Imran Khan he says “I can undertand sucide bombing in Pakistan” he then goes on to actually justify them.”

I haven’t heard that! I want to know where he justifies suicide bombings…time stamp! No foggy statements. Prove your self!

“Do the people who died in the suicide bombings of your taliban freinds not need “INSAF”?

So where is IK’s missission to have Baitullah put behind bars like he has done so (commendably) with Altaf?”

If you bother to listen, then it is clearly stated that we need to separate the hardcore extremists just like we need to isolate the hardcore criminals in MQM and then deal sternly with both of them!

“How is Iftikhar Chaudhry going to be an unbiased, impartial judge when his backing is obviously political?”

I don’t think IMC is a saint, but there is a clear difference between what direction the judiciary was heading towards under IMC and what direction we are heading towards under the current DOGar judiciary. Now, you MQM goons are finding each and every excuse to avoid reinstatement of IMC. You gangsters know that you will be brought to justice and justice is something gangsters like you will avoid at any cost.

Btw: It was not me but you who claimed higher educational level. I wish to convey these videos, which clearly shows the higher “intellect” of your bhatta khor leader.

Please watch and enjoy 😉

IMO with that high level of education he should have been selling vegetables on a rerhi 😉

And how do you explain this treacherous statement?

tamaaz khan said:

Absolutly pointless to argue with you Shirkuh- Seem like you have no points to discuss only statements to make.
Interesting to know the calibre of PTI supporters, no wonder!

You have still not answered my questions!
Instead you have pointed me towards new issues.

IK can say one thing to Americans and another to Pakistanis – no problem there!
IK can lie about Sita White (he refused to admit they had relations)- no problem there!
IK can flip flop and constantly change sides every time – no problem there!
IK can say he will protect benazir from corruption charges if she boycotts election – no problem there!

Look at realities you say and then you berate the MQM for siding with those in power to achive their means.
Do you think any development work would happen in KHI if MQM did not join those in power?
Do you think provincial autonomy bill will pass unless they did not side with PPP?
If tommorow PML wins the election you bet they will side with them because that is reality.

The only issue with PTI is May 12 with 40 people killed on all sides including MQM!?

What about the countless other days terrorists have killed and maimed over 100,000 Pakistanis.
Does PTI not have an issue with that? They still think they should talk to the Taliban?

Good to know!
I sincerly hope for PTI’s sake that you do not act in any official capacity because you do a crap job propogating their stance.

Shirkuh said:

@Tamaaz Khan

We can discuss every issue, but please start by telling me where have PTI/IK justified suicide bombings?

Then we will take all of your issues one by one. And please also remember you started by boasting of higher educational level and not me, but let that part of discussion rest. Let’s move on.

I must emphasize that I will not discuss personal matters of IK or Altaf – whether it is accusations against IK (Sita White etc.) or Altaf (divorce case etc.).

tamaaz khan said:

You can call me whatever you like.
This is normal for every semi-literate right winged idiot to start name calling when they do not have a point to make.

Thus far you have only made statements, nothing concrete to back it up.

You say IMC is no saint and his direction was not the same as Dogar.
Well how come IMC ratified the first NRO? How come IMC was as nepotistic as Dogar? Why reinstate an obviously politically compromised Judge?

I did listen to his comments about the Taliban, no where does he urge a boycot like he does of MQM, instead he talks about dialogue!

You talk about justice Imran Khan should be in jail under hudood laws.

I don’t care about Altaf he can go to hell, I prefer to look at the stance of the MQM for issues that matter to me.

Enjoy your semi-literate, imran khan fan club. Call me when IK starts hating Nawaz, then Qazi, then IMC, then PTI, then himself.

Ghost of TK said:

@tamaaz khan: “You talk about justice Imran Khan should be in jail under hudood laws.”

Brother, Alhamdolillah, you do not know the beauty of the Sharia! Wallahi Brozzer, if you cannot produce 4 ‘gavaah’ then you will be flogged (80 lashes or whatever Ameerul Mominenn Molve Fazlullah prescribes).

If you, Inshallah produce 4 witnesses (full witnesses, no silly 8 women or 2 men and 4 women witnesses), then that Zaaaniaa woman Sita White must be flogged for being Zaania!

This is the beauty of Sharia and Hudood Laws Brrrrrrrrrrrooooozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeerrrr!!! Saray Aakho Aaaameeeen!!

P.S. What kind of name is “Sita” anyways? She sounds like a hindu ajjunT to me anyways… I’m sure the hindu zionists fitted her with a sexy sexy kootch to seduce our knight in shining armourall! Just so then later on, Hindu Banya Zionist Thuglife agents like you could besmirch the holy name of Imran Khan [[ angelic choir soundtrack here ]]

Please go back to your hindu temple with the gau mata and sita and ram… we don’t need you in the land of the pure!

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