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اللہ کے دیے ہوئے مال کی تقسیم اور فوٹو سیشن: دور جاہلیت میں جب کسی کی مدد کی جاتی تو چیخ چیخ کر بتایا جاتا کہ ہم نے اس کی مدد کی ہے اس طرح معاشرے میں زاتی نام و نمود اور رکھ دکھاو قائم رکھا جاتا۔ اور دوسری
Philanthropist Parveen Rehman killed by Deobandi militants in Karachi: Karachi (13 March 2013). Deobandi militants of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat (ASWJ) killed the Director of Orangi Pilot Project, Parveen Rehman in Karachi on Wednesday. Rehman was targeted when she was travelling in her car near Orangi Town’s Peerabad
Shia and Ahmadiyya Muslims of Indianapolis host blood drive, with message of peace and solidarity: On Saturday, 15 September 2012, dozens of Shia and Ahmadiyya Muslims gathered at the Zainabia Community Center (a Shiite Mosque) on Indianapolis’ Northwestside as a part of Muslims for Life blood drive organized by both communities. The purpose of
Kashf Foundation: Making the impossible possible – by Kalsoom Lakhani: In 1996, the Kashf Foundation became Pakistan’s first microfinance institution, empowering both women and families in an attempt to replicate the Grameen Bank model. Today, 14 years later, Kashf has 152 branches nationwide, boasts 305,938 supported families, and operates
Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Children’s Hospital and Education Project, D.G.Khan – A welfare project by the LUBP Trust: Photo created by: Maliha Javed Ali. It is to inform all our visitors that Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP) has taken an initiative towards helping poor masses. This is the very first project of the Team LUBP named as
Autism — obsession inexplicable – by Sadaf Shahid: I am at a park. I see a smart little boy. He is in the pink of health and seems perfect in every respect. Yet, he is somehow different. He has a detached attitude, is disinterested in the games
Mard-e-momin – by Ahsan Abbas Shah: President Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday became the first president to donate all his body organs after signing a bill to enact a law to regulate transplant of human organs in the country. The president made the announcement of
Zardari: The first ever President to donate his whole body for the cause of organ transplantation: President Zardari signs human organs transplant bill President Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday became the first President to donate all his body organs, after signing a landmark bill to regulate transplant of human organs in the country. The President
In appreciation of Shahbaz Sharif’s Danish Schools Project – Ataul Haq Qasmi: Notwithstanding our political differences, this noble project deserves our full support.