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Thirty-eight Balochs killed in Aug 2014 alone, where are Achakzai’s 50,000 protestors?: August 2014 was another bloody month for the Baloch population of Balochistan when at least 38 Baloch activists and intellectuals were killed by Deoabandi ASWJ proxy terrorists of the pro-Takfiri establishment. Mahmood Khan Achkazai claimed in his speech at
PMLN Or Muslim League Lahore: The PMLN has once again proven to true to its reputation for nepotism and petty familial politics. As party that has no confidence of smaller provinces, PMLN should have used the women’s seats to try to get representation from
We must have answers – By Kamran Shafi: An appeal has been made to My Lord the Chief Justice of Pakistan by 10 eminent citizens, in the following words. “An appeal by the citizens of Pakistan: Request to scrutinise the five-year tax returns, declaration of assets and
The Dilemma of Education- by Sidra Zia Butt: “Degree degree hoti hai, chahe asli hu ya jaali!” Pakistan has got a lot of problems. But these are our favorite: ‘double-sawari’ and motorbikes, Basant – to be or not to be, one hour later or one hour ago,  Meals
Criteria for a Parliamentarian- by Mishel Syyedd: Pakistan, a country always famous for one major concern or the other, is yet surrounded in another show up. This show up occurred late last month when the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the Education Commission to assess the