The Dilemma of Education- by Sidra Zia Butt

“Degree degree hoti hai, chahe asli hu ya jaali!”

Pakistan has got a lot of problems. But these are our favorite: ‘double-sawari’ and motorbikes, Basant – to be or not to be, one hour later or one hour ago,  Meals and Marriages, Late Nights, Save-Electricity and Marriages and of course, the pettiest: the controversial and all too spicy political-gang-wars . Have a look at the political stage of our beloved country: lets discuss the last one.

The major actors in the political play of Pakistan, The Ruling Party (PPP), The Provincial Majority PML-N, the Opposition Party PML-Q and Media have reached an odd chapter. PML-N faces the strangest situation, both within the party and on the outside. A critic should smile: The Dilemma of Education – at least on paper.

It seems as if the Party`s plan, as far as media goes, has backfired. Growing unpopularity of the PPP government appeared to be working out positive sentiments for them, at least in the province of Punjab, but the events seem to have seen a change. For more and more of the party`s legislatures have come under the fold of the evidence regarding the fake degree controversy.

PML-Q, in its own words, while stressing on the significance of Media`s current “irresponsible behavior”, supports PML-N on the issue. While Media is using PML-N as a punching bag and bringing about evidences on the fake-degree propaganda PML-N, which was working on the initial strategy of accusing the media, has now turned to damage control. As per the newly adopted defensive Strategy the party has denounced the resolution adopted by the Punjab Assembly against the Media and has eventually taken up a strict stance of not giving a ticket to the parliamentarians who have been found guilty of having fake degrees. This has led to obvious problems within the party too as many PML-N parliamentarians find themselves clinging onto their insecure seats.

Whether the circumstances will again turn in favor of PML-N is something, despite the promises of politicians and predictions of political analysts and journalists, only time will show for sure but at least, for now, the party is losing out on the support of the passive common man and many arm-chair analysts of our nation. However, the only thing praise worthy in this scenario is perhaps the Role of Media. The ethics of Journalism in our country might be questionable considering the almost infant age of the industry and the general state of lawlessness but at least Media is trying to increase the accountability of those in authority.

Those in power have been questioned and have found themselves facing the consequences of the liberties that they have been enjoying upon the laws of this country. Personally, no matter which political party they belong to, I`m not too sure how many parliamentarians have not had fake degrees and been in power but now things have seen somewhat of a change. I don’t think anyone`s naïve enough to start taking Media as the savior either for it does show what sells but the law-makers are finally being questioned and criticized openly for which  many should hold the Media in high regard. Was it not for Media, how else would we have gotten to hear “Degree degree hoti hai, chahe asli hu ya jaali” (p.s. Fake or not, a degree is a degree)!



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