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‘I don’t have a job, so I paint the walls’:   All over the world print and electronic media is used for advertising, and in today’s modern world social media is also playing an increasingly important role in promoting ad campaigns. However, in our corner of the world,there exists
صادقین کی اماں کی تصویر – حکیم فاروق سومرو: صادقین کا عشق برش اور رنگوں سے کچھ یوں تھا کہ خواہ وہ کھانے کا وقفہ ہو یا دو گھڑی کسی سے بات کرنے میں انتظار طلب ہو جاتا تو ہاتھوں کی بے چینی ان کو چین سے بیٹھنے
A history interrupted: ‘The 70s – Pakistan’s radioactive decade’:   The 1970s began with the bloody loss of East Pakistan and ended in a military coup and the imposition of martial law. Yet, it generated a vibrant cultural era. With a booming television and film industry, flourishing tourism,
The colours of Wasaib: Artwork of Ajab Khan, a unique Pakistani artist of Dera Ismail Khan: Ajab Khan is a self-taught artist based in Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan. The artist, who did his Masters in Urdu literature, is in the field of art for the past 30 years, in the region of Seraiki Wasaib. Khan
The legend of Sadequain: Here is an edited excerpt from the book ‘The legend of Sadequain’ by Sadequain Foundation February 10 marks Sadequain’s 23rd death anniversary. Sadequain Foundation estimates he painted close to 15,000 paintings, murals, calligraphies and drawings. Most of his work