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Military aircraft accidents cost Pakistani taxpayers 3,000 million dollars—By Shiraz Paracha: Over 3000 million U.S dollars of Pakistani taxpayers’ money is lost due to military aircraft crashes. The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) planes were lost not in wars but in accidents. The losses become phenomenal as military aircraft are mostly not insured.
Budget deception: Real defense allocation is 850 billion not 495 billion -by Arshad Mahmood: Originally published in the ‘Daily AajKal’.
An agenda for Pakhtuns in Pakistan – by Baryal Utmanzai: Pakhtun Leadership (both politicians and civil society) should stand with any one who helps them achieve for Pakhtunkhwa a complete and unadulterated regional autonomy. Without such an autonomy, Pakhtuns are doomed to social, cultural and economic slavery. Centralized State
Exposing Pakistan Army’s land corruption: Well done, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan!: PAC comes down hard on defence secretary * Committee directs secretary to be better prepared in next meeting * Audit officials say army using govt land falling in A-1 category worth Rs 120.767bn for commercial purposes By Zeeshan Javaid
Pakistani religious minorities were ignored in flood -by Aftab Alexander Mughal: Some 21 million people across Pakistan were affected by the massive flooding in July and August 2010 following the annual monsoon rains. Approximately one-fifth of Pakistan’s total land area was underwater. It was awful that in many areas flood
The holy cows in uniform – by M Usama Kabbir: This is a bird’s eye view of military control in Pakistan. It is easy to point out and criticize ‘Democratic Political Governments’ for their incompetence and their ‘force’ of cabinet members who are a burden on the “National Treasury”
People’s government suggesting universities to generate resources of their own – by Usman Qazi: Link to the LUBP Forum discussion on this topic: ملک کو درپیش قدرتی اور مالیاتی بحران کے پس منظر میں محترمہ شہناز وزیرعلی کا بیان نظر سے گزرا جس میں ان کا روے سخن صحت اور تعلیم، خصوصا
Feeding the white elephant: Defence budget hike: A report in this newspaper yesterday suggests the defence budget has been quietly hiked by an astonishing 25 per cent, from the budgeted figure of Rs442bn to over Rs550bn. As usual, neither the government nor the military has seen
Viewpoint Interview with Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa: Military’s predation is an institutional feature’, Ayesha Siddiqa. A dissident’s job is always fraught with dangers. In case of Pakistan, the risks involved in criticizing all-powerful Khakis and their proxy Taliban hardly need an elucidation. Still, dissident voices keep
Budget to increase defence budget by 31%, erase power tariff, fertiliser, sugar subsidies: Source Business Recorder ISLAMABAD (May 22 2010): The government is expected to set federal budget outlay at Rs 2.488 trillion for 2010-11 with Rs 1.7 trillion revenue collection target,” Business Recorder has learnt. Defence budget will increase by 31
Transparency International for check on Army procurements: By Usman Manzoor ISLAMABAD: Transparency International Pakistan (TIP) has written a daring letter to Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani asking him to direct the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) to implement the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority
Did Tareen resign because of the Army’s demand for more money in the forthcoming budget?: Omar Khattab in Islamabad Islamabad is afloat with rumors that the federal minister of finance Shaukat Tareen resign from his post because he did not agree with the Army high command to curb the every-increasing Army budget. Last year,
The PPP Government audits the defence budget; Nawaz Sharif proposes reconciliation with India: Defence budget details provided to parliament Monday, 24 Aug, 2009 Such comprehensive details about the budgets of the army, air force and navy have been provided for the first time to the parliament, said informed sources. – File photo