The holy cows in uniform – by M Usama Kabbir

This is a bird’s eye view of military control in Pakistan. It is easy to point out and criticize ‘Democratic Political Governments’ for their incompetence and their ‘force’ of cabinet members who are a burden on the “National Treasury” (The ‘peanuts’ left over after a major chunk goes to the Defen…se Budget).

Parallels are drawn to humiliate democratic governments as corrupt. How about this startling comparison of ‘Generals’ in the US Army (Which has been engaged in full scale wars since 1979) and Pakistan Army (Which has been busy playing politics and making ‘Corn Flakes’ for the past 60 Years)?

Political Governments are blamed for ‘NOT’ spending budget on ‘Education’. What is left over to spend on ‘Education’?

Universities and Educational Institutes are run by Retired Army Officers (To control the untrained herd of sheep commonly known as ‘Civilians’): Suppressing freedom of thought and opinion to deliberately maintain a leadership vacuum in the society.

Banking -Insurance – Real Estate – Cement – Pharmaceuticals – Commercial Complexes – Shipping – Bread Manufacturing – Boat Building – Engineering – Fertilizers – Power Generation – Breakfast Cereals – Sugar Mills – Natural Gas – Air Cargo – TV Broadcasting – Knitwear

These are the ‘Military Owned Businesses’ In Pakistan !

Why all this fuss about the ‘Civilian’ political leadership only?

I hope the GEO/Jang Group ‘Hijras’ like Kamran Khan and Ansar Abbasi might grow enough balls to run a Marathon Transmission on this.

Fouj Hai Tey Mouj Hai !!



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