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پاکستان کے عجیب لبرلز اور عجیب ملحد: پاکستان میں کوئی بھی نظریہ اپنی اصل حالت میں قائم نہیں رہ پاتا یہی وجہ ہے یہاں کا لبرل ازم بھی باقی دُنیا سے نِرالا ہے- یہاں کہ لبرلوں (بالخصوص سوشل میڈیائی) کی لبرل ازم نیو ائیر اور ویلنٹائنز
ذکر اس ‘ہاتھی ‘ کا اور پھر بیاں اپنا:   ایک گاؤں میں بہت سے سیانے رہتے تھے جنھوں نے کبھی ہاتھی نہیں دیکھا تھا، ایک دفع ایک ہاتھی کہیں پاس ہی قیام پذیر ہوا اور کسی کی نظر پڑ گئی، اس نے آ کے گاؤں میں ڈھندڈورا
How to spot a liberal fascist -by Sabir Nazar: Liberal fascist is an oxymoron. Liberals according to definition are those, ‘who believe in maximum individual freedom possible and the ideas of liberty and equality.’ And the term fascist according to definition, ‘is a person who is dictatorial or has extreme right-wing
Pakistan’s Top 5 Liberal Fascists – by Razzak Memon: Editor’s Note: Our contributer, Razzak Memon, has provided us a list of 5 whom he defines as “liberal fascist”. Please bear in mind that while we support his right to express his views, we do not agree with the
On Hamid Mir, Jonah Goldberg and Liberal Fascists: The new face of moderate Pakistanis, renowned columnist and talk show host, Hamid Mir along with his other counterparts like Javed Chauhdry have coined an oxymoron term “Liberal Fascists”. He referred to Jonah Goldberg’s book with the same title.
On Hamid Mir’s definition of liberal-fascist – by Khaled Ahmed: Desperately seeking ‘liberal-fascist’ According to Hamid Mir in Jang (Jan 20, 2011), a “liberal-fascist is he who supports the US drone attacks on Pakistani territory, opposes the Islamic articles of the 1973 Constitution, supports Musharraf in his rule and is
Liberal extremists? Pray tell – by Nadeem F Paracha: Oh, my, that label again: ‘Liberal extremist.’ What on earth does it mean? Absolutely nothing. Great wordplay and deliciously idiosyncratic, but that’s about it. However, since the popular electronic media in Pakistan is usually about a rather nihilistic strain
LUBP debate: How do we define liberalism?: A question was poised by Aliarqam Durrani on what liberalism means. This question was poised by him on the LUBP google group – the consequent discussions are given here. It may be noted that responses are put here based
In rejection of fake liberals of Pakistan – by Sarah Khan: The pseudo-liberal is essentially a bigot who parades under the illusion of being a liberal while pursuing a non-liberal agenda. Pseudo-liberals of Pakistan are no less dangerous than terrorists, activists and supporters of the Taliban, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Jamaat-e-Islami and Hizbut
Liberal Fascism versus Religious Fascism: An interesting conversation: The common belief in Pakistan is that Islamic radicalism is a problem only in FATA, and that madrassas are the only institutions serving as jihad factories. This is a serious misconception. Extremism is breeding at a ferocious rate in