Karachi Airport Archive

Klingons attacked Karachi Airport – by Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji: My Take on this is that: 1.Attack on Small Town Karachi airport is good for Lahore as it might divert traffic there. This is not based on reasoned analysis, of which I Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji as a season patriot hypernationalist
Karachi Airport: Did the Terrorists Achieve their Objective? – by A Z: There can be no two opinions in that the Pakistan Army’s commandos were able to mount a valiant, swift, and effective operation in the face of Karachi Airport’s takeover by the TTP terrorists. Having said that, I would like
Karachi Airport terror and Taftan shia genocide: same day same deobandi Taliban: 24 Shia pilgrims bombed again in Balochistan by Deobandi ASWJ-LeJ. Parts of Karachi airport captured most probably by the Deobandi Taliban. Time for Right wing Jamaatis and Good Liberals to get busy ……. In obfuscating the details. For attack