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A discussion: Why Imran Khan Has Failed To Lead The Nation ??: hina123 Today Pakistan is going through the most fragile time of its history. The people of Pakistan are desperately looking for a honest leader to lead them into the future. People of Pakistan have lost faith in these two
Against the law of popular politics – By Asha’ar Rehman: THE mere locking of horns with the government is no more acceptable to lawyers in Lahore. They locked up the lower courts in the city on Nov 4. The Lahore High Court has taken suo motu notice of the
Mullah Munawar Hassan, a top-level hypocrite compares the US elections with the Pakistan elections. Do you know why?:
Imran Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf successfully organized a flop protest in London – By Muhammad Khaleeq: Pakistanis once again reject Mullah Imran Khan, the notorious supporter of Taliban and Jamaat-e-Islami Mr. Muhammad Khaleeq reports from London: I did go to see what sort of protest can be organised by PTI of Imran Khan, I was
Ansar Abbasi: The Marriott Hotel bombing, evidence of yellow journalism and support for Mullahs and the Taliban…: Charges of irresponsible journalism: Sympathies with Taliban In the aftermath of the Marriott Hotel Bombing, Abbasi was criticized by various members of Pakistani society, for his, what was termed as “deflective” jornalism. For example, in its editorial on 22
‘Army land given as bribe’ – The notorious Taliban supporter Ansar Abbasi releases a fake story against Fazlur-Rehman (JUI-F).: Hundreds of acres of Army land given as bribe to JUI – Ansar Abbasi releases a new forged story, this time against Fazlur-Rehman. What is Fazlur-Rehman’s crime? 1. He is part of the coalition government with PPP and ANP,
Why is there little chance of Iftikhar Chaudhry’s restoration – by Abbas Ather: A tragic truth: Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Imran Khan etc have politicized the Chief Justice issues. No chance of Iftikhar’s Chaudhry’s restoration. By Abbas Ather
Suspected Indian Army Personnel’s involvement in Malegaon blasts – ISI versus RAW and sectarianism in India and Pakistan: Indeed, it is not just ISI (or ‘was not’ just ISI) that has (had) connections with organizations which are (were?) involved in terrorist/sectarian activities in and outside Pakistan. Indian Army too does not seem to be not much different.
Iqbal’s and Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan – Dr Javid Iqbal: Shame on Dr. Israr Ahmed and Dr. Safdar Mehmood for distorting the vision of Jinnah and Iqbal.
The PMLN, the PMLQ, the Jama’at-e Islami, the JUIF, the Tehreek-e Insaf and a host of Islamist groups take a naïve view of violence in the tribal area: Blind to the threat —Dr Hasan-Askari Rizvi If the Taliban agenda was nothing more than the expulsion of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan their efforts to expand their domain to some of the settled districts of the NWFP
Javed Chaudhry, the mouth piece of Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba compares Taliban with Hazrat Imam Hussain: Javed Chaudhry is on the payroll of anti-Pakistan forces which are currently sponsoring Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba and their supporters in Pakistani media and politics.
We condemn Javed Chaudhry’s indecent column against Salmaan Taseer and Najam Sethi: Related articles on LUBP: Javed Chaudhry, the mouth piece of Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba compares Taliban with Hazrat Imam Hussain  After dirty propaganda against Taseer family, Rana Sanaullah declares them as his blood relations Dirty propaganda against Salman Taseer and
Letting someone else rule the Tribal Areas: As Mr Shaukat Tareen, the finance advisor, makes his last-ditch efforts to arrange a $4.5 billion short-term bailout for the economy, PMLN leaders Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and Raja Zafarul Haq have spoken at a press conference in Islamabad
Who is behind the attacks on WAPDA offices? Who is manufacturing violent demonstrations against the democratic government?: Who is behind the attacks on WAPDA offices? Who is manufacturing violent demonstrations against the Federal Government in the guise of protests against load-shedding and electricity bills? Beware of the unholy nexus of Jamaat-e-Islami and ISI. Shahbaz Sharif must
Nzaria-e-Pakistan (The Ideology of Pakistan) and the Mullah-Military alliance in Pakistan… Nazir Naji: In this op-ed in Jang, Nazir Naji explain how the so-called ideology of Pakistan (Nazaria-e-Pakistan) was manufactured by the unholy nexus of Mullahs (Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Israr Ahmed, Dr. Safdar Mehmood) and Military (General Sher Ali, General Yahaya Khan, other
Friends of Taliban are responsible for Pakistan’s economic crisis: The blood thirsty beasts of the conservative parties in Pakistan, namely: Jamaat Islami, Imran Khan, Hamid Gul, and other agents of ISI and Taliban… By Asadullah Ghalib
From Ballot to Bullet: The Sazishi (Junooni) Group of ISI, Bureaucracy and the PPP Phobia…: (Nazir Naji)
Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Hamid Mir and Imran Khan – Columns by Abbas Ather and Haroon-ur-Rashid: In the following op-eds, Abbas Ather and Haroon-ur-Rasheed expose the ugly role of Jamaat Islami (including Islami Jamiat Talaba) in mistreatment of Imran Khan at the University of the Punjab. These columns also expose the role of Jamaat-e-Islami, Liaqat
Imran Khan’s PTI Peshawar leader praises Taliban, calls Baitullah Mehsud as his emir (leader): The cat is out of the bag…Imran Khan is Taliban Khan and his supporters may be seen as would be suicide bombers A few days ago, Baitulla Mehsud, the notorious Taliban terrorist, was garlanded by a local president of
How did Imran Khan react to terrorist attacks on Benazir Bhutto and PPP rallies in Karachi and elsewhere?: Editor’s Note and update on 7 May 2013: LUBP wishes Imran Khan a quick recovery so that he can re-enter the political arena after his accident earlier today (May 7th, 2013).  This was an unfortunate accident as opposed to
PML(N), JUI, Imran Khan, Qazi – Friends of Taliban in Pakistan: Friends of the TalibanTuesday, October 14, 2008 As the joint session of parliament, called to create consensus on the issue of terrorism and the battle against it, continues, it seems evident the Taliban have friends in high places. The
Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Imran Khan, State Your Position…: State your position THE quest for a consensus on the war on terror must continue, though it remains to be seen whether the in-camera briefing by the military to the MPs leads in that direction. Whatever little bit has
Imran Khan, mental hospital and Zardari-phobia – By Abbas Ather: In his column in daily express on 20 June 2008, Abbas Athar suggests that Imran Khan should build a mental hospital. Abbas Ather also suggested the name of a possible first patient, i.e. Imran Khan himself. Imran Khan’s advisors
PML(N), please adopt an open mind: In its editorial on 10 October 2008, Daily Dawn deplores the undue haste with which some political leaders including those belonging to PML(N) (as well as Jamaat-e-Islami) declared the in camera briefing unsatisfactory. This suggests that PML(N) is busy
What would be the fate of Jamaat Islami, Imran Khan’s PTI, PML(N) and other parties which have a dubious stance on the issue of terrorism in Pakistan?: What would be the fate of Jamaat Islami, Imran Khan’s PTI, PML(N) and all other parties which have a dubious stance on the issue of terrorism in Pakistan? In his recent comparative analysis at BBC Urdu Service, Wusatuallah Khan
Was Jinnah a Secularist? – by Amir Mir: Perhaps the most contentious issue in Pakistan since its very inception in 1947 is the nature of the state. Should Pakistan be a sharia based Islamic state or should she be a Modern democratic secular state? The
Religious extremism: fringe or mainstream?: Suroosh Irfani Three men who led the anti-Ahmedi movement (including Maulana Maududi, then head of Jamaat-i-Islami) were tried by a military court and sentenced to death, later commuted under pressure from Muslim countries, to life imprisonment. Even so, the
Imran Khan = Taliban Khan: From ladies man to the Taliban Khan Imran Khan, the man who sparked the Newsweek riots: Islamist politician by day, London playboy by night. by James Forsyth and Jai Singh 05/31/2005 WITH 17 PEOPLE DEAD and anti-American sentiment even
Hey, Ansar Abbasi, Hamid Gul and other emotional blackmailers, stop begging for dollars…:
Pakistan army, have you ever won a war? – by Nazir Naji: کوئی جیتی ہوئی جنگ جھولی میں ہے؟ … نذیر ناجی جمہوریت سے محرومی کی سب سے بڑی سزا یہ ملتی ہے کہ معاشرے نظم و ترتیب سے محروم ہو جاتے ہیں۔ کسی کی حیثیت اور وقعت کا پیمانہ باقی
Hamid Gul and his jihadi agenda – by Abbas Ather:
War on Terror: Clash of realism and populism in Pakistan: Comment about the government’s policy on the war against terrorism is understandably rife in the media because of the sensitivity of the issue at hand. Some reporters speaking from areas of conflict are advising the government to “do what
Why do urban elite and right wing media hate Zardari? – by Abbas Ather: Abbas Ather, Daily Express, 2 September