A discussion: Why Imran Khan Has Failed To Lead The Nation ??


Today Pakistan is going through the most fragile time of its history. The people of Pakistan are desperately looking for a honest leader to lead them into the future. People of Pakistan have lost faith in these two face leaders like Zardari, Nawaz Shareef, Qazi Hussain, Asfandyar, Maulana Fazlurehman and the kalla gaboon Altaf Hussain. We have also seen the military’s failed performance both on war front and political front. These dictators to whom we have praised over time have used this nation to fill their own bank accounts.

When Imran Khan came into politics, some people thought it was the last chance of hope, however after more than 12 years, IK has still not proved his leadership potential and the nation who is waiting for a leader is still in wait..


* is it cz he called nawaz and benazir both thieves in the beginning of his political career and later moved towards nawaz…

* on one side he and his X wife wrote hardliner Islamic columns in Pakistani newspapers but at the same time were busy spending the most liberal life in a conservative country like Pakistan….

* is it cz he failed to groom any other visible personality in his party like a great leader and even after 12 years, he is a 1 man show…

* is it cz on one side he tries to ally with the moderates through his personality and then sits with the hardliner conservatives like Qazi Hussain…

* is it cz he sided with Musharaff in the beginning when the whole nation knew that the fairist dictator is worst than the evil democracy….

* is it cz he tries to convince people by being a opportunist and uses his rhetoric to attack by words and not actions….

* is it cz the nation has not forgot about his playboy past and is not willing to accept his new image…after all Pakistan is a conservative society….

* is it cz also like a Pakistani politician he has learned not to let any other person ahead of him in his party…

* during the last two years, he had a chance to promote his party heavily through free news/talk shows appearances but again and again we saw ONLY him on TV screens……

* he bravely talks about Baluchistan and FATA and NWFP but has also failed to visit these areas to prove his actions more than words….

** most importantly, People were expecting him to take part in the “in camera security briefing” BUT apparently he has took off like he always does when there is some serious issue back home…….. so that later he can use his rhetoric….



Re: Why Imran Khan Has Failed To Lead The Nation ??

It could be said that he is not successful to convince the people of Pakistan but it would not be fair to say that he has failed.

He is trying consistently and has now emerged as one of the leading political voices of our land.

Actually, we, people should support him whole heartedly and knowing that he is a fair politician we trust in those who are well-rated in corruption.
He is a fighter and he has his own style that’s why it seems he is not as successful as the others are. One day he will be on driving seat to lead the nation towards prosperity and dignity.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah had been disappointed in his early period of politics but later the people realized that he is a fair and dedicated person and they gave him full support.

If we want change then we should also take a step forward. Imran is not a failed politician rather he is improving steadily.


Re: Why Imran Khan Has Failed To Lead The Nation ??


Its a great topic to be discussed.

Imran Khan started his political career at the height of PPP’s alleged corruption era of 1996 when the whole national saw him as a great saviour. And no doubt much of Pakistani youth wants to see him in power. I believe that so far he has been failed to deliver what he seems to promise. To me the reasons are following:

His conviction doesn’t seem to be originally his own brainchild and he is seen continuously sitting in the company of same old CLASSICAL FAUJ-MULLA alliance namely Qazi Hussain Ahmed and most notoriously Gen (R) HAMEED GUL (a dubious character….an Ex head of a notorious intelligence agency responsible for sectarian voilence, gun culture, and a leading protagonist of voilent Islamic Ideas as practiced by Taliban….and also well known for his financial corruption as well as in destabilizing the democratic governments in 90’s).

And if he has an original conviction to change Pakistani society, he should come out of this quagmire of old used up politicians like Qazi and HGul. That will be surely the onset of his political success.

IK should have the knowledge and regard that Pakistani youth loves him and wants to see him in power. He should go directly to public and talk to them and convince about his reform’s offer, and really prepare them for a big change. For last 6 minths he kept on crying that govt is not taking parliment into confidence about security situation and at the height of this troublesome time he is in Australia attending some PTI conventions and regretted to attend this very important meeting.

He talks straightfarward and with good rhetoric, but goes to the talk without full homework and therefore ends up using the power of his voice and finally stressing up. Most of the times he is only relying upon various world political surveys without knowing their on ground relationship with the current situation. Or sometimes he is presenting Switzerland model for his envisaged Pakistan which looks too impractical on ground.

He lost a great opportunity in 2008 elections which could prove to be the onset of his political success, and I’m sure he was not following his own vision, rather following somebody’s advice (like HGul).

Regarding his mindset, without any prejudice to him, besides him becomming a winnimg captain of WC 1992, who doesn’t know of his arrogant (DICTATORIAL) attitude in cricket; a time when he never wanted any cricketer to get more fame than himself, for example stopping Miandad (the backbone of 1992 success) from a great 300 with just 16 runs away in 1986-87 against India.

So in summary……

So far, his political struggle consists of ONLY Rhetoric in 11 years, even having found good opportunities to come to power.

I would very much wish to see him in power ONLY IF

1. He follows his own conviction and Ideas.

2. Reject advices of Dark Characters like Hameed Gul etc right away and form an executive comittee of PTI of purely 100% of his own confidence. It should consist of only and only new and well educated people mostly belonging to the middle class with completely clean past.

3. Stop the luxuries of life for some time, and spend his days and nights with the people of Pakistan talking to them and listening to them, just as Bhutto did from 1967 to 1970.

4. Prepare himeself very well before talk shows so that he doesn’t need to use the power of his voice, rather the power of his ideas and conviction in a low voice.

5. Try to be a bit humble than he now is.

Only then, I wish him all the success………

Sorry for any disagreements………..

Regards and wassalam…..

sitaraakhri Says:
November 11th, 2008

My biggest problem with the PTI is exactly what you said–lack of internal party democracy and the fact that if something were to happen to IK, the party would completely disintegrate.

In that sense, I think PTI (even more than some of the other parties) is run like a fan club around a personality rather than a political party with intelligent people voicing and debating positions and then developing consensus.

Mechanics aside, yes it was baluchistan’s turn, but that is irrelevant. The lawyers’ movement is inspirational because it has at least five good leaders. Aitzaz, Munir, Kurd, Hamid, Tariq Mahmood, to name the most relevant–they all have equal stake and equal relevance and equal chance to contribute.

Unfortunately, we cannot say that for any of our political parties, including the PTI. For that reason, I do not view the PTI as a vehicle for change.

PTI fans only get angry when one says this but have no logic to back up their positions.

And just two more points–since I go on the websites of political parties often–about three years ago, I logged on to the PTI website–and clicked on PTI’s women’s wing–guess who was the head of the women’s wing? Jemima Khan. It was entirely disappointing. Why is that different from making Bilawal the head of the party? And ironically, this was 1.5 years after Imran’s divorce. That means even in the year and a half after she had left Pakistan, the party and Imran, they could not bother to make some non-family intelligent woman the head of their women’s wing.

Second, I think if you talk to the lawyers, they are by and large very pro Aitzaz and would in large numbers vote for him if he was a contestant in their constituency. But if you ask the cricketers, as I have had the opportunity to, hardly any of them want to vote for Imran. This says something about what people who have worked with him think of him. While people who have worked with Aitzaz, find him democratic. Those who have worked with Imran, find him dictatorial.

Instead of recruiting good people, he has alienated them. Why did Nasim Zehra leave PTI after having been a part of it at its inception?

These are important questions but PTI supporters want to turn a blind eye and not think through their support.

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