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Discrimination and hatred: the church and civil society take stock of the problems concerning Christian minorities: Lahore – Becoming aware of the discrimination, injustice, prejudice of whom Christians in Pakistan face and are victims, about 3% of the population, and the necessity to report these issues to the new government: with this intent Christian leaders
The political tragedy of non-Muslim Pakistanis – by Azam Mairaj: Editor’s Note: All non-Muslim Pakistanis need to be respected and given full rights as Pakistani Citizens. In particular the services of the Christian Community in the fields of education, health and a number of other areas are disproportionately large compared
Non-Muslim candidates largely absent in Pakistan’s election: Few non-Muslims are running in Pakistan’s planned election, which critics say reinforces non-Muslims’ status as a poor underclass there. by Aamir Saeed, written for Pakistan’s major parties are ignoring Christians, Hindus and other minorities as potential candidates —
Women Who Dare: Nafis Sadik, Champion of Choice for Women Around the World:   BY Jaime-Alexis Fowler   |   February 28, 2013 Nafis Sadik has been called one of the most powerful women in the world. One of the greatest women’s advocates of the twentieth century, Nafis is an obstetrician, author, mother, and global thought
Would Jinnah, a Shia, also have to leave the country he founded? -by Abdul Majeed: August 15 marked the completion of 65 years since our country came into existence. Yes, it was August 15 and not August 14, however, we officially celebrate our independence day on the 14th. The Pakistan we see today is
Church report condemns Pakistan’s intolerance toward Non-Muslims: A 12-year-old Christian girl’s ordeal sheds further light on the plight of religious minorities. LAHORE, Pakistan — Human-rights activists in Pakistan and outside are aghast over the plight of a 12-year-old Christian girl who escaped the clutches of her
A war that remains unreported: The Saudi Arabian war against the Houthis of Yemen: Here is an extensive archive on a war that remains either unreported or misreported in Pakistani and Western media. Ironically, it is a war in which four different players, namely Saudi Arabia, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Al Qaeda and the