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الیکشن اور کالعدم تکفیری گروہ اہلسنت و الجماعت ۔ گل زہرا رضوی: خبر یہ ہے ، جو کچھ لوگوں کے لیے کسی اہمیت کی حامل نہیں ہوگی لیکن کچھ کیلئے بہت تشویشناک ہے، کہ کالعدم تکفیری گروہ اہلسنت و الجماعت المعروف سپہ صحابہ کے مرکزی رہنما اورنگزیب فاروقی نے آنے والا
دو ہزار تیرہ کے انتخابات کی آیئنی اور قانونی حیثیت مشکوک ہو چکی ہے – کنور دلشاد: Source: http://e.dunya.com.pk/colum.php?date=2014-10-14&edition=LHR&id=38594_72996846
Widespread election rigging: Main architect shameless Iftikhar Chaudhry – by Basit Umar: Former Additional Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Afzal Khan has said that former Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry had appointed returning officers (ROs) for the election duties. Former bureaucrat revealed that there was massive corruption and rigging in
جھرلو 2013 – الیکشن کمیشن کے سابق سیکرٹری محمد افضل خان کے الزامات: ایک ذاتی تجربہ – تنویر اختر: افضل خان قذافی، سابق ایڈیشنل سیکرٹری الیکشن کمیشن .. بے شک مردہ بولا کفن پهاڑ کے، لیکن کافی سے زیادہ “سچ” بول گیا .. جی ہاں، یہ سوال اپنی جگہ کہ خان صاحب کا “سچ” اب تک سات پردوں
Objectives of the Resolution -by Dr Mohammad Taqi: Zia is rightly blamed for defacing the constitution but he did not pull his ‘Islamisation’ process out of thin air The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has completed the initial vetting of nomination papers. The antics that the returning
ECP said political parties must not campaign against any personor on the basis of religion – by Iftikhar A.Khan: ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) warned candidates on Sunday against seeking votes in the name of religion or sect. Briefing reporters on the rules of the game for May 11 polls, a senior ECP official said political
Women and Voting in Pakistan – by Mustafa Kamal: Orders of Election Commission Pakistan to fully ensure the women participation in voting has been out rightly rejected  by various political parties.  The political parties argue the ongoing war against terror and militancy in KPK and tribal areas a
Election Commission’s secretary resigns in protest against undue interference by Supreme Court: Editor’s note: We condemn Pakistan army-backed Supreme Court judges’ illegal and unconstitutional interference in the affairs of another autonomous institution, Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). The Supreme Court’s January order for the ECP to postpone the Feb 20 by-elections
The Slap: When a woman hits another woman, in normal cases it’s an assault. If there are many witnesses, good, the assailant gets punished quickly. Open and Shut case, we move on. But Pakistan doesn’t do normal; even our assaults have deeper meanings
Web oversights – by Zafarullah Khan: Official websites with outdated versions of the Constitution mock the so-called E-Government Directorate Constitution of a country is a social contract between citizens and the state. For people of Pakistan, a legitimate party to this contract, it is highly
Another point of COD implemented – Election Commission Complete: Pakistan Peoples Party has been at the receiving end of electoral rigging and gerrymandering by establishment and Pakistan Army over many general elections. Despite of all types of targeting, the PPP remains the largest political party of Pakistan having
We must have answers – By Kamran Shafi: An appeal has been made to My Lord the Chief Justice of Pakistan by 10 eminent citizens, in the following words. “An appeal by the citizens of Pakistan: Request to scrutinise the five-year tax returns, declaration of assets and
Election Commission Woes – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi: Working  in the Banking sector which has been rocked by the ongoing crisis of confidence in the region, I have learnt one thing from senior bankers: “Do not rock the boat, but do throw ideas that are not implementable