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Sartaj Aziz’s statement on ‘Pakistan-friendly’ militants, not-hidden ISIS factor, and the coming election – by Laleen Ahmad: Sartaj Aziz is not an ordinary politician. He has the official title of “Advisor to Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs”. He is Pakistan’s de facto foreign minister. He has a close relationship with Prime Minister Nawaz
Cyniacal About PTI’s Change – by Mirza Moiz Baig: The word change is probably the most over used word in our country. From politicians and journalists to imported Maulvis, there would hardly be a person who shies away from their use of this word. The person who tops
Imran Khan accepts Mullah Omar as his leader:   In an interview with  Fareeha Idrees, 8pm” Waqt News – 27th September 2012 , Imran Khan was emphatic in his agreement with the ideology, stance and direction of Sheikh Rashid’s Pro-Taliban worldview.  In responding to a specific question about
The Mensis Horribilis of PTI: Embittered Mazari mother-daughter duo depart in disgust! Mazari exit preceded by Hoti’s desertion PTI local leaders run rogue, promote mob rule For the past few days, the former cricketer turned politician Imran Khan’s Pakistan Movement for Justice or PTI
Shireen Mazari’s resignation letter to Imran Khan: Related post: Goodbye PTI – by Imaan Mazari Imran Khan, Esq Chairman PTI, Islamabad                                                                                                        25th September 2012       Dear Imran,   It is with great sadness and disappointment that I am writing to let you know I have
This is the scum of Pakistan who call themselves liberals – by Imran Khan: Editor’s note: Here is an interesting excerpt from Imran Khan’s recent interview with India’s NDTV. Three noteworthy things in this excerpts are: (1) Imran Khan’s utter contempt for those who disagree with his world-view and politics, (2) his distinction
Lifestyle Liberals and Political Liberals: Is LUBP a hurdle in the way of unity of liberals?: Related posts: Deconstructing Pakistani liberals: A response to Shashi Tharoor and Raza Rumi Censorship tactics and the ‘unity of liberals’ – by Alamdar Mengal The liberal fiasco in Pakistan – by Suleman Akhtar ****** I was motivated to write
Reality check: How many in Imran Khan’s PTI rally in Lahore?: “Imran Khan’s Lahore rally was the biggest-ever show of political power in decades.” The above and similar discourse is currently being injected in Pakistani and international media in the aftermath of a PTI rally in Lahore (30 October 2011)
Dr. Shireen Mazari knows revenge! -by Dr Shazia Nawaz: One thing is certain about Pakistan these days: If you are following all the news coming from Pakistan, you’re not going to have a dull moment in your life. Either they will make you cry by shooting innocent people
Priest wanted for BBB – by Junaid Noor:   The government of Pakistan is desperately looking for a Christian priest to perform the funeral rites of the slain minorities minister, the late Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti. The government has requested several bishops, cardinals, fathers and even the pope,
Pakistani media and the romance with “Secret Map” – by Anas Abbas: Source: AAcounterterror Lately, Pakistani media has been propagating the perception that a secret map by U.S. military official Lt. Col Ralph Peters was issued in 2006  to safeguard Israeli security interest and to balkanize Pakistan. This map has been quite frequently
First Annual Pakistani Private TV Channels Awards – by Nadeem Paracha: Awards night Hello people, and welcome to the First Annual Pakistani Private TV Channels Awards. I, Wamid Mir, will be your host for the evening and with me will be the lovely, Dr. Shireen Blackwater Baymaari. Let’s kick off
The ugly handiwork of Shireen Mazari, the media Baji of the Taliban: Editors criticise newspaper article against WSJ reporter By Iftikhar A. Khan Tuesday, 17 Nov, 2009 ISLAMABAD: Top executives and editors of 21 leading international media organisations have collectively voiced concern over publication of an article in a Pakistani national
Imran Khan’s Shireen Mazari and her shoddy journalism: Shireen Mazari, the General Secretary of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, was disgracefully dismissed from the editorship of The News in the
Lady Taliban Shireen Mazari sacked from The News for spreading disinformation and hate speech: Shame on you Lady Taliban ‘Daktar’ Shireen Mazari, Shame on you Taliban Khan, Imran Khan for having such an intellectually dishonest, yellow journalist as your party’s secretary for (dis)information.
Farrhat Taj responds to Shireen Mazari: FATA: some more fantasies: FATA: some more fantasies Tuesday, February 24, 2009 Farhat Taj This is in response to articles by Shireen Mazari on these pages on Feb 4 and 11. She has written that the Iranians are upset over the presence of
"Lady Taliban" Dr. Shireen Mazari, the latest addition into Imran Khan’s pro-Taliban arsenal….: Farhat Taj writes: Fantasising about FATA Tuesday, February 17, 2009 Farhat Taj In her article on Jan 28 Shireen Mazari argues that the people of FATA support the militants because they see the Pakistani army as fighting America’s war. This is the
Is Imran Khan ISI’s new choice in Pakistan?: Is Imran Khan the new choice of agencies (ISI) in Pakistan? Is he the man who will be planted to replace the present democratic set up in Pakistan? The following is a collection of some resources and comments on this
A specimen of Pakistani intellect – Khurshid Nadeem analyses a recent column by Shireen Mazari: Khurshid Nadeem analyses a recent column by Shireen Mazari. Also an analysis of why Dr Mazari is upset with the democratic government: