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The Decline of Human Rights and Social Order in Pakistan – by Muhammad Faisal Younus: Freedom of expression is the constitutional right of every citizen under Article 19 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but Pakistan is well known for violating basic human liberties and is notorious for its dictatorship and sometimes extremist mindset.
Saudi Arabia’s rights abuses have only gotten worse since Obama’s last visit: President Barack Obama is meeting with Saudi Arabia’s king and other Gulf Cooperation Council leaders key issues including counterterrorism. But his arrival in the capital Riyadh on Wednesday has also shone a spotlight on the U.S. ally’s appalling human
UK documentary exposes Saudi role in global terror operations:   ITV’s Exposure: Saudi Arabia Uncovered portrays the horrific brutality with which the House of Saud maintains its rule and has been the subject of intense media commentary. Much of this focuses on the documentary’s depiction of how dissent
Man killed wife for making vegetarian dinner: prosecutors – by Josh Saul:     A Pakistani immigrant beat his wife to death in their Brooklyn home after she made the mistake of cooking him lentils for dinner instead of the hearty meal of goat meat that he craved, according to court
“Protect me from the beasts,” pleads sex-trafficked Pakistani woman – by Azam Khan: FAISALABAD, Pakistan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Zunaira Muhammad was 15 years old and dreamed of becoming a software engineer when the woman who promised to finance her education forced her into sex work. Five years later she can barely
EU should not remain silent over ‘horrendous’ human rights violations in Pakistan: The increasing evidence of widespread human rights violations highlight the need for the EU to strengthen its role in the troubled region of Baluchistan, says Niccolò Rinaldi Baluchistan is one of the most troubled and poorest provinces of Pakistan. Bordering with
Turkey Saudi Arabia Kuwait and Qatar complicit in crimes against humanity in Syria – by Agha Shaukat Jafri: The enclosed New York Times article as well as the You Tube video illustrates for the first time a detailed and in-depth involvement of the Human Rights Watch in terms of criminal activities being perpetrated by the so-called Syrian rebels targeting Alawite
Iran isn’t an enemy of the Jewish people – by Shiraz Paracha:             World bullies threat Iran often on the basis of biased, politicized and incorrect reports of the International Atomic Energy Commission (IAEA). Such reports are prepared on false assumptions and estimates usually in collaboration