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Speaking Iraq out of Terrorism and Occupation – How Ayatollah Sistani inspired national resistance:   In the case of Iraq and Iraq’s brilliant victory against the plague that is Daesh (aka ISIL) I would say that courage was forged in that call Ayatollah Ali Sistani formulated in June 2014, at a time when
A facebook discussion over Mehdi Hasan’s false Sunni-Shia binary: Ale Natiq :  served him well. populisat rhetoric seeking relevance. Sayyed Nakvisson : I had liked a similar post by him but that did not include any reference to Pakistan and there was no mentioning of “two wrongs make
Mehdi Hasan, an Uncle Tom Shia whitewashes ISIS crimes against Humanity: Credibility is the one word that is farthest from the mind when looking at the statements of Mehdi Hasan. He has build a budding career as a Taliban/Al Qaeda/ISIS apologist with the typical mixture of false binaries, deliberate obfuscations,