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The Polemics of Apostasy in Pakistan: Did Shia Muslims participate in anti-Ahmadiyya movement?: Related posts: What role did Pakistan’s Shias play against Ahmadis? Debate on Shia role in Ahmadi persecution – by Ali Abbas Taj In Pakistan, our limited intelligentsia is further limited due to a combination of both academic laziness and
Equality of citizens: Common sense that’s not so common! – by Dur-e-Aden: A bomb explodes in a market, some 80 people die and 100s get injured. Can anyone tell me the identity of those who lost their lives? Do bombs differentiate when they explode that I am only going to hurt
What role did Pakistan’s Shias play against Ahmadis?: Related posts: Debate on Shia role in Ahmadi persecution – by Ali Abbas Taj Polemics of apostatizing in Pakistan Recently I read two articles on the systematic murder of Shia Muslims in Pakistan, by Marvi Sirmed (in Daily Times,
Run for your life: Persecution of Shias and Ahmadis in Pakistan – by Pervez Hoodbhoy: Source: Edited and adapted from Express Tribune Eighteen bloodied bodies, shot Gestapo-style, lay by the roadside. Men in army uniforms had stopped four buses bound from Rawalpindi to Gilgit, demanding that all 117 persons on board alight.Those with Shia
We welcome PPP Chairman Bilawal BZ’s statement on Shia Muslims and minorities of Pakistan: We welcome PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s statement and await actual steps towards safety of Shia Muslims and other persecuted and target killed communities of Pakistan: Sindh Minorities Minister Dr Mohan Lal calls on Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari
Stand up for Ahmadis, Shias, other oppressed groups and be counted – by Mehmal Sarfraz: In Satellite Town Rawalpindi, ‘Ewan-e-Tawheed’ is in place for the last 17 years. It is the property of Jama’at Ahmadiyya and is used as a place for prayers ever since. Some adventurists have decided to make it an issue
Ahmadis are….. – by Dur-e-Aden: Oh calm the heck down!!!! I am not using the M word, you know, the same word that can be used by killers, murderers, liars, cheaters, and by every type of “ghairatmand”  but Ahmadis (because all the “Real Muslims” agreed
A dream come true: A tribute to Dr. Salam -by Ammad Khan: He was one and only, who won the noble prize for his country. But he also was the one whose country did not recognize him. He was the one on whose death, whole world of science mourned on this
Ahmadis brace for violence, trampling of rights in Rawalpindi – by Imran Jattala: Editor’s note: LUBP urgently requests its readers to highlight the precarious situation of Ahmadi Muslims in the garrison city of Rawalpindi (Punjab). The bigotry that is consuming our society and placing Ahmadis, Christains and Shias in the firing line
Hamid Mir, the murderer!: Hamid Mir, Jang Group/Geo TV’s star anchor and columnist, is not only known for sympathetic views for Deobandi and Salafi terrorists (Al Qaeda, Taliban, Sipah-e-Sahaba aka ASWJ), he also played a direct and indirect role in the murder of
Salmaan Taseer, the last man who stood against the injustice of the State – by Naeem Shamim: Source: Al Ufaq I could hardly believe my senses as the news was unfolding itself in the most atrocious manner possible but sadly, it was. It started with a red ticker reporting an incident of loud gunfire in Islamabad.
Protesting the Appointment of Babar Awan as VP of PPP – by Assad Khan: BABAR AWAN DOESN’T HAVE MY SUPPORT So it would seem today that the party decided to, in all honesty, dig a very shallow grave for itself. Appointing Babar Awan Vice President of the party is not only an insult
Let’s burn a Shia mosque and desecrate an Ahmadi mosque: Cross-posted from Pakistan Blogzine Related posts: If they burn a Quran, they’re evil Attack on Shia mosque in Peshawar kills 7 (Guardian – 2008) Here is a documentary proof of how Shia Muslims in Pakistan are routinely harassed, persecuted
An Ahmadi Muslim’s Plea: Be My Voice – by Kashif N. Chaudhry: Editor’s Note: We would like to recommend to our readers this excellent article by Kashif N. Chaudhry, which was originally published in the Huffington Post. It is a succinct analysis of how our fellow Ahmadi countrymen are being persecuted
Minority report -by Sana Bucha: Blood, meat and hides marked the first day of Eid-ul-Azha in Pakistan. While most Muslims celebrated their holy festival by sacrificing animals, some decided to achieve new levels of faith by targeting Hindus in Shikarpur. Three doctors were shot
Imran Khan ke naam khula khat – by Laibaah: Cross-posted from Pakistan Blogzine Related post: Imran Khan’s Lahore rally offers no hope to Pakistan’s religious and ethnic minority groups پاکستان تحریک انصاف کے چئیرمین جناب عمران خان کے نام ایک کھلا خط میں انصاف کی طالب ہوں جناب
Shadows of Endless Nights – by Ayesha N. Rashid:     Dedicated to the students Those who arrived at the gates of the officials Petitioning with open arms for pen and paper. But never came back. Those innocents who, in their idealism, took the fire of dedicated learning
Intolerance in the curriculum -by Kamila Hyat: There have been several shocking incidents over the past week or so that go only to highlight the kind of intolerance we are facing in our society and the manner in which this is spreading. Worst of all the
Horrors of a PML-N run Punjab – by Saad Mansoor: This morning I woke up to find the news of masked men entering a school in Rawalpindi and thrashing students and teachers for dressing inappropriately. The absence of the news from electronic media evidences the lack of freedom and
More of the same — by Gulmina Bilal Ahmad: Source: Daily Times, October 7, 2011 This week, I could not agree more with columnist Munir Ataullah when he confessed to being “stumped” as he sat down to compose his column. I share his predicament although the reasons are
In memory of Dr. Abdus Salam – by Zeeba Hashmi:     The sea breeze. waving over a land called Trieste, yet tidings of home, made less known to us. for a man who marked his footsteps there, as the world salutes his legacy. Dr. Abdus Salam, Dr. Abdus
Activists slam rights organization statement as ’very weak,’ lacking integrity – by Ahmadiyya Times: Related posts: Bold statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission on Shia massacres in Pakistan under the patronage by Pakistan army An open letter to Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of HRW: A call for help from Pakistan Ahmadiyya Times
Google this, Your Honor! – by Nargis Khan: Yesterday, Justice Azmat Saeed of the Lahore High Court issued orders to the Ministry of Information and Technology, asking to block access to all those websites that spread religious intolerance. This order was given out at the conclusion of
An Ahmadi Muslim’s open letter to Pakistani media: Dear friends in the media, Salutations, I’m a Pakistani Ahmadi Muslim. I know you haven’t read these three words in a single sentence because of an amendment made to the constitution of our country that precludes the composition of such
State apathy: Growing social bigotry & violence against minorities – by Zeeba Hashmi: A perception exists that laws, no matter how discriminatory they may be in Pakistan for minorities, are exercised in general at the behest of some law practitioners who try to keep the victims away from mob-troubles. Those publically accused
Target killing of Ahmadiyah Muslim:   PML N leader Mulana Ilyas Chinoti has demanded government to end all agreements with Ahmadiyah community . In addtion ,  All Pakistan Khatam-e-Nabuwat Conference is demanding removal of Ahmedi’s working in  civil services  and armed forces  .Ahmadiyah community is
The Ahmadi Conundrum – by Aden: I don’t know if it’s true or not, but my Mom says that my first word was Allah. Well this is what supposed to happen when your house is so close to the mosque and the Azaan comes out
Is the youth in elite universities in Pakistan radical? – by Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa: Abstract This is a study of the socio-political attitudes amongst youth in elite universities in the three major cities in Pakistan: Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. The primary objective was to see whether better education and access to resources made
Exposing Real Faces – by Imran Khan: Cross Posted from: IOpyne On this 14th of August, most Pakistanis did two things on facebook; first they wished everyone a happy independence day, and after that, they shared a video titled: “The real face of Dr. Amir Liaquat”.
Independence Introspections – by Usmann Rana: Today Pakistan celebrates the 64th years of its infancy in world history. Forgive Pakistanis if they seem perplexed as to what exactly are they celebrating. Is it the increasing sense of isolation that Pakistan feels whenever a major wanted
What does calling another Muslim a non-Muslim make you? – by Zeeba Hashmi: One word that comes to your mind with intrigue. Qadiyani, doesn’t come easy for its existential uncertainty in Pakistan. Yet, despite what the constitution says about them in derogatory terms, they are determined to stay in this country that
Pakistan and the Search for Identity (Part 1) – by Rusty Walker: About the author: Rusty Walker is an Independent Political Analyst, educator, author, Vietnam veteran-era U.S. Air Force, from a military family, retired college professor, former Provost (Collins College, U.S.A.), artist, musician and family man. Rusty Walker is an ardent
The persecution of Sikhs and Hindus in Pakistan is unaccaptable!: The following two incidents should be a source of shame to all Pakistanis.  The first instance involves our dear Sikh Pakistani brothers and sisters and this is how Express Tribune reported it: “The Sikh community in Lahore have been
Pakistan, a place where non-Muslims also live: By Anthony Permal A lot has been written about the plight of minorities in Pakistan – some by minorities themselves but mostly by the majority. In most such reports, analyses and blogs, the focus has been on the aggressive
Insecure minorities: Threatened at home, jailed abroad: By Abdul Manan BANGKOK: Tahir Mehmood Adil, an Ahmadi from Sialkot, was kidnapped in 2009 by militants, held captive for 36 days and threatened with beheading. His cousin, Sajjad, negotiated successfully for his release. A few days later, however,
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Faith in minorities as equals can only strengthen Pakistan: By Adnan Rehmat The primary function of a national constitution is to guarantee universal rights and to ensure all citizens of the state are dealt with equally in terms of these rights. The guarantees are supposed to be unambiguous.
US Commission accuses Pakistan of failing to protect minorities: This year, according to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom USCIRF report, 14 countries were designated as countries of particular concern (CPC) since “those governments have engaged in — or tolerated — particularly severe violations of religious freedom.”
Taliban killed 1,165 worshippers in Pakistan in past 10 years – by Zia Ur Rehman: Lethal attacks by Taliban militants hit 54 Pakistani places of worship of various faiths in the past 10 years, killing 1,165 worshippers and injuring about 2,900, a recent report revealed. The defiled holy places included mosques, churches, Sufi shrines,
Pushtun, Shia, Ahmadi and Barelvi: main victims of terrorism in Pakistan in 2010 – by Amir Mir: Source: The News, December 24, 2010 The year 2010 has proven to be the bloodiest for the people of Pakistan since 2001 as the unending spate of lethal suicide bombings in almost every nook and corner of the country