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The Darkness that is Pakistan: Those who have been dreaming and hoping for a liberal and a secular Pakistan can now start getting serious about packing up their bags and moving to another country. The days are not far when this country will become
Why do the Arabs choose Pakistan? A thought: (P.S. : All the observations presented below can either be made by observing the facts directly or by hitting the search engine) There are many other countries from where Saudi Arabia and Bahrain can easily get cheaper, more feasible
The Grand Narrative: There are things we observe but we either don’t want to admit them or we don’t know what they are. We all hear big terms such as the establishment, status quo, civil-military bureaucracy & foreign plots to exploit Pakistan. These things have
The Rafidhi and the Arabs: This piece is not intended to harm original Islamic values or to defame anyone except for the monarchs (tyrants) of Saudi Arabia and their ilk in Qatar, U.A.E. & other Arab states. The title is self sufficient in raising
The Chronicles of Pak Rangers: This is dedicated to something that we never usually pay attention to. Our protectors, the rangers. Unfortunately, 1 out of every 2 people living in the metropolitan (probably more than that) have this perception that the ‘police is corrupt’,