The Grand Narrative

The Grand Narrative

There are things we observe but we either don’t want to admit them or we don’t know what they are. We all hear big terms such as the establishment, status quo, civil-military bureaucracy foreign plots to exploit Pakistan. These things have penetrated in our minds and daily debates so much that we forget the hidden, bigger parts of it. Translating it to generalities, these talks are none other than the ones which include keywords such as RAW, India, Saudia, Israel and America. I am not denying any possibility that there might be anything linked to an event happening anywhere, just the general things we are taught.

When I was reading my O’levels history book, I observed two things.

i-) It was not for sale in India
ii-) Bande Mataram means kick all the Muslims out of India

Let’s just leave India for now and observe Pakistan. Shias are infidels and should be killed, Ahmedis are worse, the person who found Pakistan is sometimes referred to as Kafir-e-Azam, raising voice for people dying in Syria and Egypt but no word on the people being slaughtered here, demanding an American citizen back from America (this is really absurd when people don’t know that Aafia Siddiqui is an American citizen and on these basis was trialed in American courts) and many other basic myths we have blind faith on. The whole point ends up on a few questions. Is there a grand narrative? Is it driven naturally or is it fed? If there is no grand narrative then is there a national narrative? The answers lie in reflection and only reflection. Let’s start with a few basic hints for those who are new to these strange terms. What will the police do if all the thieves are dead? It will simply go jobless, because why would you need the protectors when you don’t have that someone you need the protection from? That explains why we supposedly have very tough ties with India. There is a recent wave of anti-India sort of movement on the media where media hides that unfortunately, it was Pakistan who made the first step, referring to the beheading of the Indian soldier by the Pakistanis first. I am not supporting India in any terms what so ever, but I am just pointing towards the mistakes made by us in not understanding what time has brought with itself. Why was Pakistan made? People can argue on the whats and whys, but the answer concludes to one, i.e. The Two Nation Theory (the starting of the narrative from a wide perspective) which, if was fully correct, then why do we have a fully segregated religious population? We were told that our culture was different from that of India’s but we were not told why and how, although most of the things we do is borrowed from Indians. Then we have all the Hindu conspiracies against Muslims but, if we roll it straight forward to 1947 and Pakistan’s independence, do we know who killed all the people in the trains? Why did they do so, when the migrants were already deprived of anything worth stealing? There is no formal research on this and why is that so, we don’t know yet.

This country needs more tolerant and admitting people.

Pakistan’s dynamics today are simple but hidden to the ordinary mind, which is not a good symptom for a country that needs serious advancements. Things should always start with questioning. Why are there any Taliban apologists when everyone agrees that Taliban is evil? What is the real issue with F.A.T.A. ? Why is the world’s one of the most successful and highly trained military submitting in front of a few terrorists? Again, just to make sure this doesn’t go directly against the whole military, it needs to be mentioned that no harm is intended to the security forces as such, but yes, as tax payers, we can question them. We can question them on what is what and why is that so. One reason of bringing the military here is to give a new perspective to the people, that is it really the politicians that deserve all the blaming? Is it really their corruption which brought you to your fate? Right now when Nawaz Sharif and Manmohan Singh are trying to get to good terms, Why are cross border firings occurring? Question is the key.

The establishment wants the narrative to be that way. They want people to blame every other for things that sometimes they themselves are responsible for. The establishment wants people to think RAW is planning terrorist attacks on Shia mosques and Christians in Pakistan. The establishment wants people to have some sympathy for the Taliban. The establishment wants the Mullahs here to have some power in their hands so that they may manipulate masses when needed and as needed. We need to ask some more questions from ourselves, such as what is the identity of a Pakistani individual? What is Pakistan’s national culture? We need more authors like Sibt-e-Hasan, Rais Amrohvi & Manto.


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  1. Very good article. But the fact of the matter is that neither PPP not PMLN will ever bring any change. They are basically family run mafia type pseudo-political parties run as personal fiefdoms.

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