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A brief, and incomplete, historical context to Zaid Hamidism – by Khawer A. Khan: First published on Khawer’s blog Here are some important events that we need to use to understand Hamidism. This is a work in progress. Im sharing it for feedback. 1903: “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, a known forgery,
On Maria B’s “Wake up Zaidistan” and PTV – by Red Ink: PTV is no shining example of stellar journalism. Its no BBC, heck its no where near even an American network. While legally speaking it is supposed to be a public channel, PTV has often functioned as little more than
The awkward question – By Samad Khurram: “When I heard Taliban voices, I told myself: this was it,” exclaimed a young officer in white shalwar-qameez as he addressed a rally in support of the Pakistani troops. He adjusted his walking aid to
The Zionist prism of Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi: It’s the stupidity, stupid Thursday, November 19, 2009Zafar Khalid Farooq Whilst it is common to hear, or read, the unenlightened ramblings of various ‘experts’ in the media these days, it’s strange to find examples of anti-intellectualism in a bookshop.
Stop dirty propaganda against Zaid Hamid – by Ahmed Quraishi: Supporters of Sipah Sahaba, Taliban and other extremist groups in Pakistani media and blogsphere are currently busy in crafting and spreading hate speech against Zaid Hamid. While we may agree or disagree with Zaid Hamid’s political ideology, we respect