Stop dirty propaganda against Zaid Hamid – by Ahmed Quraishi

Supporters of Sipah Sahaba, Taliban and other extremist groups in Pakistani media and blogsphere are currently busy in crafting and spreading hate speech against Zaid Hamid. While we may agree or disagree with Zaid Hamid’s political ideology, we respect his right to speak, and we believe that any disagreement with his opinion must not lead anyone to pose a threat to Mr Hamid’s personal safety.

Here is a write up by Ahmed Quraishi explaining Zaid Hamid’s perspective:

Scores of Pakistani and non-Pakistani writers, TV guests and (so-called) scholars are allowed to speak against Pakistan on several of our television networks. Some of them ridicule Pakistan’s movement and its leadership, others work their minds out just to prove that Pakistanis have no future and do their best to demoralize our people. The Israelis – living in a state that is truly doomed in a sea of hostility – are the most optimistic and forward-looking people you will find anywhere.

Ours is a great nation, a continuing story of achievement that goes back a millennium and beyond, and a people who survived history’s toughest challenges, and who are capable of emerging as a dynamic nation in the 21st century. And yet some of the ‘defeatists’ in our midst are celebrated and given space in our newspapers, TV screens, and radio channels.

But God forbid if one of us comes forward with a strong nationalist message of hope and pride in our nation. I am referring here to Zaid Hamid, a Pakistani nationalist and a good Muslim. He hosts the show BRASSTACKS on TVNewsOne about internal and external threats to Pakistan. All that the man did was raise the voice of Pakistan and spread the message of optimism, strength and pride in who we are. Along with this he has a strong sense of religion and faith. He is a believer. But instead of appreciating the work he is doing for Pakistan, a minority of ill-intentioned people among the Pakistani elite has unleashed a campaign of disinformation against Zaid Hamid. I suspect they are doing this because they hate his strong religious views.

These misguided Pakistanis forget that Zaid Hamid’s religious views are open to debate. You may or may not accept them. But can you disagree with his vast body of work in defense of Pakistan and to enlighten the Pakistanis about their strengths, weaknesses, and the strategic situation we find ourselves in?

Below I share with you this private email that Mr. Hamid sent to one of our members, responding to the campaign against him. Once again, everyone can agree or disagree with the man, but we should not let a voice for Pakistan be scuttled by pessimists and self-haters.

Ahmed Quraishi
Islamabad, Pakistan.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: BrassTacks
Date: Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 12:46 AM
Subject: Re: Who is Zaid Hamid???
To: Emaad Qureshi

My Dear Emaad,

aa. Jazak Allah for your message.

Alhamdolillah, all my life has been spent keeping my self under tests and trials of fire, sword and blood for the sake of this deen and in love of Rasul Allah. My prayers, sacrifices, my life and death remains for Allah and His Prophet (saw). My izzat, life, parents, property, family and even good deeds are sacrificed on Rasul Allah. I am not mad to follow false prophets after Sayyadna Rasul Allah (saw).

Those with noor can see the rehma, baraka and khair from Allah and love of Rasul Allah in the life and mission of this humble faqeer. Hasbu nallah Naimul Wakeel, Naimul Maula wa naimun Naseer.

Curse of Allah, angels and momineen be on those liars who claim to be “prophets” after Sayyadna Khatim un Nabiyyeen Muhemmed Rasul Allah (saw). Also cursed and Rajeem are those who follow such liar “prophets” and also cursed are those who accuse innocent Muslims of following such false prophets. There will be no prophet after our beloved Sayyadna, Maulana, Muhemmed Rasul Allah, Rehmat ul lil Aalimeen (saw). May Allah keep us in His serene and blessed noor and Rehma in dunya and Akhira.

May Allah be my witness in both the worlds and forgive our errors, mistakes and sins and have mercy on Ummat e Sayyadna Rasul Allah (saw). Indeed Allah is the best of Protector and most merciful on His slaves.

They have accused me of gravest of sins, called me a Kafir and Murtid, follower of false prophets, running cults, doing khiyanat in wealth of orphans and widows, working for secret services against the State, and sponsoring my own program on News1 through secret funding of dubious agencies. Also, being a fraud by pretending to be a doctor or Professor !

Do I need to respond to these shameless slandering initiated by this site ??

There are four names we see: None of them know me despite their claims.

* Abid Ullah Jan — He has never met me in life.
* Tahir (reporter) He too has never met me in life.
* N. Shahrukh, (who does not expose his name or address) whom I sure I have never met in life or at least never in last 17 years since I left Karachi.
* Faiyyaz Alam, whom I am also sure have never met in life or at least never in the last 17 years.

How on earth can they claim to know me ????? What are their motives, intentions and backers to try to stop our mission for Pakistan’s national security ???

What evidence they have provided? What they present as evidence is only fabricated allegation of Kufr and Khiyanat not proof !!! Each and every allegation must be backed by proof. Quran, Sunnat, Sharia, law and truth demands it. They respond allegation with more allegation. Have they asked me and seeked clarification before making their Bohtan ?? Are they willing to come and confront me face to face with proof on all bohtans ???

I wanted to avoid a global e-mailing match as this is what they want to draw us into to distract us from our real mission for Pakistan and Ummah. Everyone is most welcome to visit us in our office in Pindi and seek any further clarification if required. I will not defend myself any further. Even if you clarify our position, please maintain dignity and honor at all times and don’t make a public shouting match.

We don’t need to scoop to lower levels to defend ourselves and this Deen.

We will inshallah, not be distracted and continue our mission of protecting Pakistan against all threats, internal and external.

Wassalam and duago

Zaid Hamid