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فیض صاحب ! ہم آپ کو نہیں بهولے – عامر حسینی: کل فیض احمد فیض کی 30 ویں برسی تھی ،گویا فیض کو اس جہاں سے گزرے تیس برس ہوگئے اور تیس سال پہلے جب فیض صاحب کا انتقال ہوا تها تو اس وقت میری مسیں ہی بهیگی تهیں اور
Will you be my Valentine…’s Day blog reader? – by Ehtisham Rizvi: It’s that time of the year again. The feeds on my social media profiles are full of heated debates about Valentine’s Day, and the TV is full of advertisements about special Valentine’s Day transmissions. The people for it and
The end of the welfare state? – by Shiraz Paracha: Europe is at the verge of the biggest overhaul since the Second World War. The target of the change is the welfare state. At the beginning of the Cold War, several Western countries adopted the idea of the welfare