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The outcome of fighting the footsoldiers and mentoring the masterminds: Can there be an end to this war? — by Daud Khattak Friday’s attack on a convoy of army soldiers in North Waziristan and the fresh wave of violence in parts of the newly-renamed Khyber Pakhtunkhwa signifies that armed
Innocent Shias and Sunnis of Kurram agency thrown to the Taliban wolves – by Tayyab Ali Shah: Thrown to the wolves The Taliban accepted the Turi surrender with the condition that tribal elders would be loyal to the Taliban, would dismantle the current lashkar, would never raise another anti-Taliban lashkar in the area again and would
How Pakistan’s judicial system promotes the Shia holocuast: Picture Source: Attack on a Shia funeral in D.I. Khan Yesterday, the LUBP posted an article about Malik Ishaq, a most dangerous terrorist of Sipah-e-Sahaba, who is about to be released by Shahbaz Sharif’s government. Previously we have pointed
Malik Ishaq, a most dangerous terrorist of Sipah-e-Sahaba, about to be released by Shahbaz Sharif’s government: First the sorrow, now the fear By Asad Kharal Thirteen years ago, Fida Hussain Ghalvi and three other witnesses boldly testified against Lashkar-e-Jhangvi’s top hitman Malik Ishaq for the killing of 12 members of their family. They didn’t know
Paradox republic – by Nadeem Paracha: Pakistan has been in the news for quite some time now. A country that (until about the early 1980s) was little known and usually mistaken for being a province of India in Europe and the United States, has rapidly
Religious minorities in an intolerant nation: Consequences of promoting Islamofascism: An intolerant nation Dawn Editorial Monday, 19 Apr, 2010 The site of the suicide attack outside an emergency ward at a local hospital in Quetta. A suicide bomber attacked a hospital emergency room where Shiite Muslims were mourning a
Punjabi Taliban (Sipah-e-Sahaba) slaughter Pakhtun Shias in Kohat refugee camp. Burqa clad suicide bombers kill at least 40 people: After yesterday’s brutal attack on Shias in a hospital in Quetta, terrorists of Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba have struck Shias once again, this time in a refugee camp in Kohat, killing more than 40 persons. Two suicide bombings at a
Taliban / Sipah-e-Sahaba’s attack on Shias in Quetta: At least 10 killed in suicide blast at Civil Hospital: A suicide bomber on Friday (16 April 2010) blew himself up in a hospital in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta, killing at least ten persons, including a TV journalist (Samaa TV), a DSP, an MNA, and injuring over
Religious extremism: Bomb with the fuse lit – by Zafar Hilaly: Once upon a time to get on in Pakistan religion did not matter. On the other hand, a criminal record did not help. Today, by the looks of it, one can have a criminal record and still actually occupy
Parachinar: Pakistan’s Gaza Strip remains under siege by Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba: The following news item in Dawn today (27 March 2010) forced me to post this rather lengthy compilation of events. First the news item: Six kidnapped truckers found dead in Thal Dawn, 27 Mar, 2010 PESHAWAR: Police on Saturday
Terrorists of Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba kill three Shias in Quetta: Genocide of Shias and the Hazara community continues unabated in Balochistan. At least three Shiite Muslims were killed on Saturday when two men riding a motorbike opened fire on the outskirts of Quetta. (SIFY News) Police sources told that
Fighting in the dark against terrorism in Punjab — by Meher Bokhari: Last year alone, innumerable incidents made a mockery of the Punjab government and its denial. The truth is, there is no dearth of facts. The tragedy is, there is no visible action being taken to address the evil, which
Cornered PML-N launches bid to limit damage, forced to explain its ties with Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba: During the national uproar, the PML-N continues to make failed efforts to control the situation, but without much success. Cornered PML-N launches bid to limit damage Source: Dawn Correspondent, 16 Mar, 2010 ISLAMABAD: The entire counter-terrorism effort being spearheaded
Madrassah reforms : Does PPP want to nourish sectarianism?: Here is a well written piece about Madrassah reforms by Saiful Islam Khalid. I found this piece in a weekly newspaper from Islamabad. It was in paper print, which I have composed and edited to post it for LUBP
Some legal aspects of PML-N’s alliance with Sipah-e-Sahaba – by Babar Sattar: Hobnobbing with terror Legal eye What are the irresistible compulsions of power politics that forced the PML-N to jump into bed with the proscribed Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan and its head Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianvi to win the provincial assembly seat in
Did Governor Slaman Taseer forge a political alliance with Sipah-e-Sahaba?: We at LUBP are pleased to post the following “press release” by the DGPR (Director General Public Relations) of the PML-N’s Government in Punjab, which was published in The News: Leader of defunct outfit speaks at Taseer’s election rally
PML-N’s Sipah-e-Sahaba group and its cost to Punjab: The pattern of by-elections in Jhang and PML-N’s alliance with Sipah-e-Sahaba is a worrisome development. However, this is not the first time that PML-N has established alliances with terrorist organisations. Only a few days ago (in February 2010), PML-N
PML-N teaming up with Sipah-e-Sahaba for Local Government polls in Punjab: ‘PML-N teaming up with banned outfit for LG polls’ * Deputy Opp leader describes PML-N’s links with Sipah-e-Sahaba as ‘shocking’ * Ex-Rahimyar Khan nazim alleges govt will only conduct LG elections when assemblies’ tenure ends * Pervaiz Rasheed says
Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi of ASWJ leads a grand rally in Jhang with the help of PML-N’s Punjab government: We at LUBP proudly present to our readers the latest specimen of good governance of PML-N’s government in Punjab. Residents of Jhang (central Punjab) are currently experiencing an incredible surge in the presence and public activities of Sipah-e-Sahaba, a
Thanks to Saudi-financed Islamofascism: Iranians face terror threat in Pakistan KARACHI: The arrest of Jundullah chief Abdolmalek Rigi by the Iranian government has raised the risk of attacks on Iranian nationals and installations including the embassy and consulates in Pakistan, as the militant
Suicide attack on SIU Centre, Lahore. Wake up, Punjab, against the PML-N, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Taliban alliance – by Nadeem Paracha: Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N’s political alliance with a terrorist organisation Sipahe-e-Sahaba (an affiliate of Taliban and Al Qaeda) seems to be paying off. Only recently, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif ordered release of two most dangerous terrorists belonging to Sipah-e-Sahaba; the
Two sectarian terrorists freed by Punjab government – by Rauf Klasra: The controversial Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, Khawaja Muhammad Sharif, who is notorious for his pro-Taliban tendencies, has facilitated the release of two convicted terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) at the request of Chief Minister of Punjab Mian
An innocent victim of the Taliban’s suicide attack: An innocent victim of the Taliban’s suicide attack on a Shia convoy in Hangu on its way to Parachinar. A man lifts a girl injured in the suicide attack from an ambulance to be treated at a hospital in
Taliban suicide attack kills at least 14 Shias travelling to Parachinar in NW Pakistan: A suicide bomber on foot, Friday 5 March 2010, killed at least 10 people in Pakistan’s northwest and injured another 15, a senior regional official said. (Update: Death toll now reaches 14) The bomber exploded his bomb near a
PML-N the Taliban midwife: Sir, the militants have multiplied —Sher Ali Khan The recent admission by Rana Sanaullah about his association with the banned militant group Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) illuminates that Pakistan is a country where a nexus between politicians and militants is
Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba’s attack on Eid Milad-un-Nabi rallies: This is not sectarianism, this is terrorism: Rescuers stand near a child injured by a firing, at a local hospital in Dera Ismail, Pakistan on Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010. According to police official unidentified gunmen opened fire on a procession celebrate anniversary of the birth of
Thanks to PML-N, sectarian violence may revisit Punjab: Source: The News, February 27, 2010 Jhang fears return of sectarian violence PML-N sees no harm in seeking banned outfit’s blessing By Khalid Hurral & Babar Dogar JHANG/LAHORE: A defunct sectarian organisation, Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), is rearing its head
JAP lashes out at PML-N leadership over terror links: Jaffaria Alliance Pakistan (JAP) has lashed out the PML-N leadership over their allegedly links with the banned terrorist outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba,which was involved in the killings of thousands of inncoent Shia’s in Pakistan and having the links with outalwed Al-Qaeeda
Iran gets its most wanted terrorist, Abdulmalik Rigi: This frame grab released February 23, 2010 from Iranian state TV shows Rigi under armed guard following his arrest. – Reuters Iran gets its man By Syed Saleem Shahzad ISLAMABAD – Iran on Tuesday triumphed in the arrest of
Pakistan’s Most Wanted Terrorists – by Nick Fielding: First published at “Circling the Lion’s Den” Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency has published an updated version of its Red Book of ‘Most Wanted Terrorists‘. Containing 119 names, the list includes some of the most dangerous men in the country,
Rana Sanaullah has ties with sectarian terrorists? Shame on you, PML-N: PML-Q MNA Waqas Akram of Jhang has accused Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah of having ties with the leader of Jamaat Ahl-e-Sunna (formerly Sipah-e-Sahaba) and of touring Jhang with this militant in an attempt to gain some votes. Waqas
Why did Pakistani media boycott Brigadier Hussain Abbas’ funeral?: By Omar Khattab in Lahore Last week Brigadier Hussain Abbas was killed by the Taliban in the Waziristan area. The newspapers wrote as usual about the “martyrdom” of an army officer at the hands of the “militants” and not
Kharijiites, martyrs and the Pakistani media – by Ahsan Abbas: کیا خارجیوں کے ساتھ میڈیا ثالثی کردار ادا کر رہا ہے یا شہیدوں کے ساتھ سازشی ؟ سال ٢٠١٠کا دوسرا مہینہ شروع ہوگیا، گُذشتہ برسوں کی نسبت آگ و خون کا کھیل ختم ہونے کی کوئی آثار سُجھائی نہیں
A war that remains unreported: The Saudi Arabian war against the Houthis of Yemen: Here is an extensive archive on a war that remains either unreported or misreported in Pakistani and Western media. Ironically, it is a war in which four different players, namely Saudi Arabia, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Al Qaeda and the
The cost of being a Shia in Pakistan: KARACHI: A motorcycle rigged with explosives rammed into a bus carrying Shias near the Nursery bridge in Karachi Friday, killing 12 people and wounding 40 in the second such attack in Pakistan’s financial capital in two months. “Twelve people
3 Shia pilgrims killed by Taliban / Sipah-e-Sahaba’s Quetta Shura: QUETTA, Pakistan — Gunmen in southwestern Pakistan opened fire on pilgrims bound for Iran on Friday, killing three Shiite Muslims and wounding seven others, in what police said was a sectarian attack. Four people riding two motorbikes sprayed bullets
Sectarian terrorism in Pakistan during 2009 – by B. Raman: The year 2009 ended with two attacks by suicide bombers on processions to mark the culmination of the period of Muhurrum observed by the Shias of Pakistan. Fifteen persons were killed in the first incident at Muzzafarabad, the capital
Taliban claim the Ashura bombing in Karachi. Also responsible for the post-attack arson: Compiled by Abdul Nishapuri Here are a few articles and reports which confirm that the attack on the Ashura procession and the subsequent arson was carried out by Taliban terrorists and certain rogue elements of the establishment.
Death to Islam, Long Live Yazidiat!: Karachi shuts down, mourns attack on Shia procession Tuesday, 29 Dec, 2009 KARACHI: Karachi shut down Tuesday to mourn at least 33 people killed in a suicide bombing at a Shia procession on their holiest day. Monday’s blast sparked
Book Review: Punjabi Taliban: In the following article, Hamid Akhtar offers a review of Mujahid Hussain’s book “Punjabi Taliban”. The book reveals the linkages between the ISI, Sipah-e-Sahaba and certain pro-PML-N politicians and religious leaders in Punjab. The book also reveals how jihadi