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Pakistani’s pro-Taliban, anti minorities, corrupt former judge in the USA: My first question should be to the US State Department. What the hell are you guys doing? We don’t need more pro Al Qaeda sentiment in the United States, don’t we have enough? Why is a known Al Qaeda
Rinkle Kumari: Pakistan’s forgotten daughter – by A Z: Exactly one year ago this day, Rinkle was abducted from her house. When first presented in a court of law in Mirpur Mathelo, she requested to be returned to her parents. The court overruled her request as her kidnappers
LUBP condemns attack on Saleem Khursheed Khokar’s house: Related : Minority MPA asks for equal rights and separate curricula Angry MPA: If you block ‘Jesus Christ’ how will we text over Christmas? Bilawal Zardari takes notice of threats to Sindh minorities MPAs We strongly condemn attack on Saleem
Sunni Tehreek harasses a peaceful rally against forced conversions: About a dozen people have been mildly injured and three have been booked under blasphemy laws for staging a rally against forced conversions of Hindu girls in Hyderabad, Sindh today. According to local sources, this peaceful rally was organized
Voice of a dying tribe – by Chander Parkash: When our country (Pakistan) is devastated by sectarian genocide & targeted persecution, rural areas of sufistic Sindh has maintained its’ shining example of religious tolerance & pluralism in general. The majority of the country’s Hindus reside here & they
Rinkle Kumari and Islamists sudden support for love marriage: Dr Omar Ali comment on Rinkle Kumari :  Notice that all the Islamists are saying “it was a love marriage, she left on her own accord to marry Naveed”. This must be the first time they have approved of
We condemn abduction and forced conversion of Rinkle Kumari: We at LUBP have always condemned all sorts of religious persecution and violence against Pakistan’s oppressed groups in the strongest possible terms. Meanwhile, the religious persecution of “the infidels” (read non-Muslims) by the fanatic mindset continues. It is not