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  • مارکسزم اور ڈی کنسٹرکشن – عمران شاہد بھنڈر

    مارکسزم اور ڈی کنسٹرکشن  – عمران شاہد بھنڈر

      1960ء کی دہائی سے مابعد جدید مفکرین کی تاریخ، سماج اور طبقات کے متعلق مختلف تعبیرات اور 1989ء میں امریکی مصنف فرانسس فوکویامہ کی ’’تاریخ کا خاتمہ‘‘ کے بعد مارکسی نظریہ سازوں کو یہ چیلنج درپیش رہا ہے کہ مارکسزم کے دفاع میں کوئی ایسا مضبوط فکری دھارا سامنے آئے جس سے مارکسزم کی […]

  • Imperialism, old and new – by Aasim Sajjad Akhtar

    Editor’s Note: In this article, Aasim Sajjad Akhtar attempts to cut through an apparent ethical and theoretical dilemma for Pakistani progressives: the place occupied by anti-imperialism in their worldview. Pakistani progressives are torn apart by an intellectual environment where battle-lines seem firmly drawn on the theoretical relevance of understanding imperialism in analyzing the contemporary world. […]

  • Ironical conflict: Mumtaz Qadri and capital punishment -by Ammar Kazmi

    Liberals are against death sentence yet not ready to accept any punishment less than death penalty for Salman Tasir’s murderer whereas most of the religious people who are in favor of death sentence expect no punishment in this case. What an ironical conflict? For liberals…what they think “deen e fitrat” is prevention against crimes or […]

  • Hassan Nisar’s article on ‘Izzat Ghairat Hamiyat’

    The dilemma we are facing is that we are arrogantly ignoring present realities by assuming that our past was so beautiful, our nation is one the of the most special and unique in the world and the whole world appears to be conspiring against Pakistan. As a nation, due to these typical logical fallacies used […]

  • An open letter to the leadership and workers of the PPP – by Shuja

    With the drop out of the JUI from the ruling coalition, the PPP government suddenly looks vulnerable. And the fact is that it has become vulnerable. The possibility of the revival of defunct MMA has already been raised. The historical parallels are very chilling. Those who witnessed the clerical movement in the late seventies against […]

  • Ideology of Pakistan – this is what we are teaching our kids.

    Photo Comments from Ali K Chishti FB Profile Some selected Comments on this by Pakistani and Indian friends Vj Shiraz ; damn wth is ths :s Ideology is set of ideas not a science of ideas :s Rakshi Rath ; Funny how much this resembles the Saffron brigade’s version of history and ‘arguments’ for Hindu […]

  • Hijacking Democracy – by Anas Muhammad

    Today we live in an increasingly dangerous world, which is filled with people who have their ulterior motives and willingness to harm others to benefit themselves. Our world is filled with criminals, gangsters, murderers, and terrorists. The people who would go to all extremes to get their way being inconsiderate of the rights of other […]

  • The Rightist Judicio-Politico Mafia – by Anas Muhammad

      Saturday February 13 – The Chief Justice of Pakistan defied Presidential orders through a suo moto action against the Presidential notification for appointment of certain judges. Chief Justice, in a rare nightly emergency session, formed a three members bench that suspended two recommendations for judges’ appointment by the President. The matter will be heard […]