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حضرت کبھی انسان اور انسانیت کا بھی سوچ لیا کریں – عمار کاظمی:   حضرت کبھی انسان اور انسانیت کا بھی سوچ لیا کریں مسلمان اگر مینار آسمان تک لیجانے، مساجد کو ماربل سے بھرنے اور دو دو حج کرنے کی بجائے غریبوں کو پانچ مرلے کی چھت مہیا کرنے لگیں تو
Its how organised religion exploits!: There are currently 10500 tombs of descendents of Imams in Iran,people donate money to these places by throwing money inside the tomb.There’s no proper management system and even parliament members have questioned this issue.In average there will be 300
State apathy: Growing social bigotry & violence against minorities – by Zeeba Hashmi: A perception exists that laws, no matter how discriminatory they may be in Pakistan for minorities, are exercised in general at the behest of some law practitioners who try to keep the victims away from mob-troubles. Those publically accused
Let’s fry Munni – by Waseem Altaf: Maulvi Abbas Ansari opened his mouth “We are the defenders of this great fort of Islam and would not allow anyone to spread obscenity. And tell me, would you do everything you did with those guys in front of
The divorce of religion and politics —by Dr Manzur Ejaz: Sufis were witnessing the misuse of religion by qazis and other ‘pillars’ of religious institutions. They were aware of the corruption, nepotism and injustice being practiced in the name of Islam. Therefore, to save the spirituality of religion, they
A critical view on animal cruelty and religious dogma in Pakistan – by Shiraz Paracha:   Slaughter of cow calves is common in some parts of Pakistan but the society is shockingly insensitive to such cruelty. It seems insane to raise the issue of animal cruelty in a country where violent human deaths are