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Agha Nasir: Beyond broadcasting:   ISLAMABAD: One evening, the legendary broadcaster ZA Bokhari pulled up outside the radio building and sent for three of his producers to come jump in the car for a joyride on the, nearly empty and wider than now, streets
ہزار داستان – مستنصر حسین تارڑ: Source:
Web oversights – by Zafarullah Khan: Official websites with outdated versions of the Constitution mock the so-called E-Government Directorate Constitution of a country is a social contract between citizens and the state. For people of Pakistan, a legitimate party to this contract, it is highly
Religious overtones of Pakistani media: It fell from the heavens – by Nadeem Paracha: It fell from the heavens “With the emergence and success of new, more modern sounding, albeit equally conservative and traditionalist preachers in various urban drawing rooms from 1995 onwards, the new trend was picked up by various TV channels
On Maria B’s “Wake up Zaidistan” and PTV – by Red Ink: PTV is no shining example of stellar journalism. Its no BBC, heck its no where near even an American network. While legally speaking it is supposed to be a public channel, PTV has often functioned as little more than