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PIA’S Seventy-year-long descent:       “We will support it even if it loses money,” Jinnah was reported to have said when he was told about the dismal prospects for an airline. “My reason is different.” The year was 1944 and independence
پی آئی اے کی نجکاری اور غور طلب نکات: ایک عام بلکہ غلط العام بیانیہ یہ ہے کہ پی آئ اے کی کارکردگی اس لئے خراب ہے کہ یہ سرکاری ادارہ ہے اور نجکاری سے اس کی کارکردگی صحیح ہو جائے گی، حالانکہ اس کی تباہی کی ذمّہ
پی آئی اے ملازمین کا قاتل کون؟ – خرم زکی: پُر امن احتجاج کیسے پُر تشدد ہوا اور کیسے ذرا سی دیر میں مقتل گاہ بن گیا، یہ بات سمجھنے سے میں اب تک قاصر ہوں، لیکن اتنا ضرور ہے کہ اس طرح بے گناہ انسانوں کے قتل پر دل افسردہ
اداریہ : سعودی –طالبان نواز حکومت پی آئی اے کے محنت کش رہنماؤں کی قاتل ہے: جب پی آئي اے کے محنت کش ملک کی سب سے بڑی اور واحد قومی ائرلائن پی آئی اے کی نجکاری کے خلاف احتجاج کررہے تھے تو یہ وزیراعظم میاں نواز شریف تھے جنھوں نے فوج اور سیکورٹی ایجنسیوں
PIA labour leaders were killed by none else than the pro-Taliban Saudi Stooge PM Nawaz Sharif: While labour union activists belonging to PIA were protesting against the shady privatisation deal of the country’s air line company, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was misusing the Rangers and security agencies to murder them. Since the success of the
Breaking News: CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry’s son Arsalan planning father’s retirement at the cost of PIA: It is a well-known fact that whoever is in power in Pakistan, abuses it for personal gains. Unfortunately, it is the political class which gets the bad name while the holy cows belonging to establishment in general and armed
PIA sexual harassment issue: former medical officer reported incident after a month – by Meher Ali: A female medical officer at Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has lodged a complaint against five men, including PIA’s chief medical officer for Karachi, a deputy medical officer, lab assistant and an ambulance driver, accusing them of attempting to rape
I envy Ansar Abbasi: I seriously am overawed with the capabilities of Jang Group journalists. They are all seeing, all knowing and the areas under their command are just supernatural. Look at the case of Ansar Abbasi. According to blogger Kala Kawaa “isn’t
Why no chants of accountability of PIA Pilots? by Noon Meem Laam: We as a nation are fixated with politicians and political parties. There are many holy cows in the country like the Armed Forces, Judiciary, Media big guns, some industrialists and many other professionals who are chosen to be ignored