NFC Award Archive

Target of the century – by Ibrar A. Mir: دھائیوں کا نشانہ پانچ جولائی 1977، چھ اگست 1990، پانچ نومبر 1996 اور اب 2012 کی کوئی وارد کی ھوئی تاریخ کونسی ھوتی ھے اسکا انتظار کرنا پڑیگا یا پھر موجودہ گورنمنٹ کی دی ھوئی تاریخ کو معجزے سے
Scope of constitutional provisions and space for provincial autonomy: The Civic Education Network Pakistan organized a learning event; Constitutional Literacy Campaign, “Scope of Constitutional Provisions and Space for Provincial Autonomy” in Lahore on July 31, 2011. The 18th Amendment and the 7th National Finance Commission(NFC) Award have signficantly
President Zardari’s historical address to parliament’s joint session: President Asif Ali Zardari’s annual address to a joint sitting of parliament addressed the accomplishments of the current government, and called for defeating the mindset of “intolerance and hatred”. The President congratulated the parliament for passing 18th and 19th
Relevant question —Gulmina Bilal Ahmad: There are those who believe that Pakistan was envisioned as an Islamic theocracy. If one subscribes to this view, then we have actually become quite a successful state The art of intellect, I have been told, is not just
Pakistan Democracy Review 2010: Related article: Pakistan Democracy Review 2009 – by Humza Ikram JANUARY 2010 NFC Award The 7th National Finance Commission (NFC) award was signed in January . A consensus was reached among Center and provinces ,and between four provinces. Center decided to
Floods and the Existential Threat – by Adnan Sayed: The existential threat comes from disowning the democratic structure, giving up on it and looking yet again for another instant messiah in face of tremendous adversity and hopelessness. We were wrong in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1990s when
Pakistan’s Global Political Economy – by Anas Muhammad: As the recession hit; the jobless rates soared to 10% and more, banks at the brink of failing, stock exchange plummeted, and economy was left paralyzed. All this happened in United States, which sparked a global recession, bringing down
Budget 2010-2011 – A reminder for policy makers (Part I): Education Benazir Bhutto promised to allocate 4% of GDP to Education sector; which according to UN each  country must allocate .  According to education policy budget allocation can never be less than the previous year and government has shown
Balochistan govt to invest in oil, gas, mineral exploration-DAWN: Source : DAWN By Saleem Shahid Sunday, 23 May, 2010 QUETTA: The Balochistan government has chalked out a comprehensive plan to secure its financial resources by making investments in major oil, gas and mineral exploration companies operating in the
Hating Zardari – by Shakir Hussain: Source: The News Whenever people ask me about the funniest Asif Zardari joke I’ve ever heard, my response is always, “That he is the most successful president in the 63 year history of Pakistan.” I can picture readers cringing,
Pakistani democracy delivers — by Wajid Shamsul Hasan: Why Pakistan needs strong institutions is amply demonstrated in recent events of monumental importance. However, these events did not get enough attention either because of indifference from analysts or their lack of comprehension about these issues. It is a
The NFC Award – Aik Lohar Ki: Here are a few op-eds on the historical NFC Award, a landmark achievement of the democratic government in Pakistan. The op-eds are by: Dr Ashfaque Khan, Nazir Naji and Saleem Safi.
The 7th NFC Award – a step towards attaining fiscal federalism in Pakistan – Guest post by Qudrat Ullah: Amid the daily reports of truculent Taliban’s interminable terrorism, explosions and deaths, coupled with a gasping economy with little respite for the indigent hoi polloi of the society, the unanimous approval of 7th National Finance Commission Award in Lahore
Finally, NFC Award deadlock is over: In 1996 the interim government of Farooq Leghari gave a draconian and discriminatory NFC award  which was adopted by successive governments; PML-N government in 1998 and also by the Musharaf regime, Leghari’s NFC award further  maligned the smaller provinces  and added to