Budget 2010-2011 – A reminder for policy makers (Part I)


Benazir Bhutto promised to allocate 4% of GDP to Education sector; which according to UN each  country must allocate .  According to education policy budget allocation can never be less than the previous year and government has shown a commitment to allocate 7% of GDP by 2015.

PDF of education policy 2009 can download from here.


Health Policy 2009 which is interestingly is  also our first national health policy.

According to Health policy 2009 Public sector expenditure on health will be increased in line with Fiscal Responsibility Act 2005. At present, public health expenditures are 0.6% of the GDP. In the first stage efforts will be made to increase public sector health expenditures to 0.85% of the GDP by 2011/12 and later on above 1.5% of the GDP by 2015.
Health Policy 2009

Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa Net Hydel Profit

PM promised to give khyber Pakhtunkhwa government Net Hydel profit of Rs 110 billion during month of July .  lets hope the notification doesn’t stuck some mysterious place in WAPDA and ministry of finance.

Pay and Pension commission recommendation

Media report suggest ministry of finance has declined to implement pay and pension commission  recommendation of minimum salary of  Rs 8500 for government employee . I humble request to Prime minister is to atleast  implement his 1 May order of 7000 as minimum pay .

Implementation of NFC award

Implementation of NFC award is perhaps the most daunting task for the present democratic government . Record allocation of funds for provincial government, Gas surcharge for Baluchistan government, Net hydel profit for Khyber Pakhutkhuwa government & and additional funds for rehabilitation purposes due to war in the province is all part of NFC award .

Come july 2011 many federal subject will become provincial subject in light of eighteen amendment. which will makes the next year budget making even more tricky .



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