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WAPDA refrendum 2013: the turning point – by H.A.Khan: 29th May, 2013 the labourers of the wapda will once again caste their vote to select their Union. For the last 04 years they had been choosing Hydro as their soul voice to work for their better rights in
Revisiting the LBOD issue: Related :  Flood in Sindh & Design of Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD). LBOD: The culprit behind recurring floods in Sindh? REVIEW OF THE PERFORMANCE OF THE LEFT BANK OUTFALL DRAIN STAGE I With Thanks : Dawn Revisiting the
Electricity Problems in Pakistan- by Sindhyar Talpur: Electricity or shortage of it, in Pakistan is a dire issue. It affects everyone, rich possibly more than poor but only because former rely on such luxuries more than the latter. Corruption and mismanagement in the WAPDA and Electricity
Open Letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan on Kalabagh Dam – by Marvi Memon: Published on Marvi Memon’s website In the present budget session we have been witness to very unfortunate exchange of allegations on KBD. None of the speeches have been able to respond to the Technical Committee and Parliamentary Committee report
Budget 2010-2011 РA reminder for policy makers (Part I): Education Benazir Bhutto promised to allocate 4% of GDP to Education sector; which according to UN each  country must allocate .  According to education policy budget allocation can never be less than the previous year and government has shown