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The timeless fatalism of the Subcontinent – by Ayaz Amir: Real leaders, as opposed to the tinsel variety, don’t go for photo ops – where sympathy is faked and sentiment is manufactured. They see to it that things happen, which after all is their real job instead of grandstanding
Legal Framework for Managing Disasters in Pakistan: Key Challenges -by Aley: Disasters occur when communities and households substantially suffer from hazards, and the livelihood security is devastated provisionally or for a longer time. Multiple factors such as community vulnerability and the limited ability to reduce the potential negative impacts of
Lest we forget: update on Attabad lake disaster: Photo Source: GB Times Lake inundates more areas Source ISLAMABAD, Jun 26 (APP)- The water outflow from Attabad lake in Hunza has reached to 15300 cusecs as more areas in upper Hunza Gojal submerged with rising level of the
worried scared upset angry: a perspective on the Hunza lake – by Cheryl Carruth: Standing in the spillway, looking down at the approaching lake. (Photo by Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Pamir Times) I can’t remember a time I’ve been so worried. Any day now, including today, the lake water could reach the spillpoint in
News updates on Hunza lake (various sources): Outflow from Hunza Lake imminent (Express Tribune): Assistant Commissioner Hunza, Zamir Abbas told The Express Tribune that water from the lake would start emptying out thriugh the spillway soon. The government shifted displaced people settled in about 400 camps
Hunza: Paradise being lost? – by Shamshad Ahmad: This could happen only in a hapless country where NRO-created rulers are too busy fighting the judiciary to bother about people, leaving them to suffer every imaginable hardships ranging from chronic shortages of food, electricity and gas to lawlessness
The likelihood of a flood from the Attabad landslide – by Dr. David Petley: Source Dave’s landslide blog: The water level at Attabad is now within ten metres of the base of the spillway at the saddle, and continues to rise at about 90 to 100 cm per day. Thus, water flow through
Hunza lake may burst its banks – The Flood Forecasting Division of the Pakistan Meteorological Department: Source Pamir Times and Dawn: by Intikhab Hanif LAHORE, May 12: The Flood Forecasting Division of the Pakistan Meteorological Department warned on Wednesday that the lake created in Hunza valley by a massive landslide in January could be breached